Formal compensation deal from Russia

Zelensky presented a formal compensation deal from Russia

Formal compensation deal from Russia!

Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine initiated a deal with Ukrainian allies to settle Russian compensation. The deal of this compensation is at a time when Ukrainian forces are in trouble and getting damaged during the war with Russia.
Zelensky said earlier that the destruction of Ukraine’s infrastructure is the main target of Russia. But Zelensky said on Friday that this agreement will reveal the country’s aggressive actions and that they would have to be charged.
During his video address, Zelensky also said, “Our partner countries are invited to agree on a multilateral agreement and design such a structure that will be for the betterment. This agreement is to make sure those countries who faced losses due to Russian attacks can receive compensation.
Zelensky also added that due to this agreement or deal, all of the Russian properties and funds in endorsed countries would be seized. After that Russia would be instructed to a special compensation fund.
He also added, that if this agreement is done, it will be fair for Russia. Because, Russia should recognize the damage caused to other countries due to every bomb, missile, and shell that is fired on Ukraine.
Canada is also agreed to change its sanctions law that will allow seized foreign assets to be distributed as compensation. It will help a lot of the victims who have already faced huge losses.