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Why Charcoal Wipes is best for your Pet Grooming?

Just like human babies, fur babies too require proper grooming, and pet grooming wipes are an absolute must to keep your pets clean and dry. One of the best grooming wipes you can get is charcoal pet wipes as they can absorb more dirt and grime compared to a normal wipe helping you keep your pets well-groomed and looking at their best at all times.

In this blog post, we will take a look at charcoal wipes, and why it’s better compared to other kinds of wipes available on the market.

Absorbs more Dirt and Grime

Charcoal has an inherent capacity of absorbing more dirt and grime. The market is flooded with all kinds of products containing charcoal such as toothpaste, soaps, body wash, etc. due to this very specific characteristic of charcoal. Not only does it absorb better, but it also removes all traces of dirt and grime stuck on the pet’s sensitive parts. This helps in keeping them squeaky clean even if they decide to engage in some roughhousing with other dogs, or take a dip in a pool of muddy water in the dog park.

They Won’t Cause an Allergic Reaction 

Charcoal is a natural ingredient and doesn’t cause any kinds of allergic reactions in pets. Other types of pet wipes may contain solutions that can cause an allergic reaction in pets. This makes charcoal Pet Grooming wipes one of the best choices for daily use.

Can Help Keep Bugs at Bay

Bugs such as ticks, and fleas can cause health problems in pets; therefore, you must keep these bugs off your pet’s skin. Some charcoal wipes available in the market contain essential oils such as tea tree oil which are known for their medicinal qualities that help repel bugs. You should choose these if you have an active dog that loves to play in the grass, as ticks and fleas tend to hide there, and latch on to your pet’s fur as soon as they get near. Ticks are notorious for not dying easy, and it’s hard to find them if your dog has a lot of fur allowing these bugs to dig and hide deep within.

Helps Maintain pH Balance

The natural elements that are the building blocks of charcoal won’t disturb your pet’s pH balance, unlike some chemically treated wipes. This can help maintain a smoother coat while keeping them clean and dry. So, if you have been looking for a natural solution to keeping your pet clean, using a charcoal pet wipe can do wonders for the pet’s overall grooming without harmful side effects.

Paraben Free

Parabens are compounds that are used to preserve products and are widely used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. You may have heard the term ‘Paraben Free’ across various products and even foods that you get from the supermarket. Products containing preservatives of any kind aren’t really good for pets, and you should avoid them as much as possible. Great quality charcoal wipes are usually paraben free, so pick them instead of ones that are chemically treated as they are sure to contain some kind of preservatives to increase their longevity.

Helps Exfoliate Dead Skin

You can use a charcoal wipe to deep clean your pet’s skin to exfoliate dead skin cells. This is especially helpful around sensitive areas that require frequent cleaning, and dead skin often tends to stick around these parts. Cleaning them regularly with a charcoal wipe can keep these sensitive areas soft, and smooth.

Charcoal has Anti-Bacterial Qualities 

It’s a known fact that charcoal has incredible anti-bacterial qualities, but it also has anti-fungal, and anti-virus properties. So, when you use a charcoal wipe to groom your pet, it’s not only removing dirt and grime, but also eliminates the risk of bacteria, viruses, and fungal buildup. So, remember to clean your pet with charcoal wipe every day once they are done with their pooping to keep them safe from these microorganisms.

Pet remedy wipes are an essential part of pet grooming, and just like it’s important to brush your pet’s fur to keep it tangle-free; it’s equally important to ensure that you keep your pet clean and dry.

There are charcoal pet grooming wipes available across multiple leading brands in the market, and you should pick one for your pet on your next visit to the online pet store. As a bonus tip, for overall great health, remember to bathe your dog once a week preferably with a paraben-free product, clean their paws regularly after walks, and keep a watch out for ticks and fleas to prevent any health issues from cropping up.

We hope that this blog has been able to help you better understand the benefits of charcoal wipes.