Why Are Silk Pillowcases Preferred Over Cotton Pillowcases?

The two fabrics most frequently utilised are cotton and silk, used for items like apparel and bedding. Both textiles have pros and cons, ranging from health advantages to price differences and durability. Doodlefolks When purchasing new bedding, you should consider all the factors because the bedding material significantly impacts our general health. 

Let’s read about the textiles in greater detail to determine which is the superior fabric when considering silk pillowcases or cotton pillowcases. But it’s crucial to realise that there are a variety of things to consider before deciding between silk and cotton.

Silk Pillowcases Vs Cotton Pillowcases

  1. Allergens

Due to their resistance to allergens like bacteria, fungi, mould, and dust mites, silk pillowcases are hypoallergenic and hypoallergenic. Moisture that can support bacterial growth is wicked away by silk. Contrarily, cotton encourages the growth of bacteria since it retains moisture for a long time. As a result, those who currently use cotton bedding but have sensitive skin or are allergic should transition to silk bedding. Doodlefolks

  1. Care

Silk has incredible strength despite being a luxurious and delicate material, and it can withstand various things that could harm other bedding textiles. These qualities guarantee that silk pillowcases may be use longer than their rivals and only need a little additional upkeep. When it comes to fabric care, silk is a fantastic option, and it requires fewer laundeurings. Than cotton bedding and keeps its freshness for a very long time.

  1. Temperature Regulating

Silk has abilities to control temperature. It is a barrier of warm air between your skin and the outside world, keeping you warm and releasing extra heat in the summer. All year long, when you sleep, silk keeps your body temperature at its ideal level. As a result, silk offers more excellent insulation than cotton. Your body temperature cannot be regulate by cotton. Regardless of the climate where you are staying, silk bedding will provide you with the utmost comfort.

  1. Material

Silk appeals to the skin because of how silky and smooth it feels. While you are sleeping, it does not pull or tug on your skin or hair. Which could happen with cotton bedding. Sleeping pleasantly is made possible by silk bedding.

The finest silk is called Mulberry Silk because it is make from silkworms that have exclusively eaten Mulberry leaves. When the Mulberry Silk fibres are subject to cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship. They become robust and impart a natural gloss.

  1. Cost 

Silk is one of the most opulent textiles available; hence, it costs more than cotton. Purchasing silk pillowcases is a wise investment over the long term. And silk lasts for a very long period, and thus the cost is justified.

Best Quality Silk Pillowcases

With a wide variety of silk pillowcases available in the market, you might be overwhelm about which one to choose. We have researched for you and found Mayfairsilk to be the best brand manufacturing premium quality silk pillowcases using the 6A grade in 25 momme. They have won multiple awards, including the ‘Most Outstanding Bedding Store 2022 – London by Business Elite Awards. Their fabric is OEKO – Tex Standard 100 Certified, ensuring that every strand is free from toxic chemicals. They are currently expanding their business to the Middle East and the USA for delivering their exclusive products.