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Arnaldo Mangini is an Italian TikTok star who is famous for his comedy videos. He is also known for being a lookalike of the British sitcom character Mr. Bean, played by actor Rowan Atkinson. His arnaldomangini account has gained 24 million followers and 149 million likes. He began posting to TikTok on April 15, 2019.

Arnaldo Mangini
Arnaldo Mangini

Arnaldo Mangini Bio Data

Name: Arnaldo Mangini
Nick Name: Mr. Bean double
Birth Date: 4 December 1973
Age (2022): 48 years old
Birth Place: Italy
Nationality: Italian
Residence: Rome, Italy
Marital Status: Married
Profession: Comedian, social media star & Clown
Daughter: Fabiola Baglieri

Arnaldo Mangini’s childhood was spent moving between Italy and Holland. He studied it with his family and at school before beginning his professional comedy work in 1996. Mangini took part in various television programs before leaving the television business to focus on clown training. He served in a drama show called “The Arnaldo Mangini Mr. Bean Lookalike Show” around Europe and also went on to operate as a clown in international shows.

Arnaldo Mangini Wiki

Arnaldo Mangini, more popularly known as Mr. Bean Double, has taken his talents to social media where he has been able to gain a significant following and build a personal brand. For those who may not be familiar, Arnaldo Mangini is an Italian clown and comedian who specializes in impersonating the character Mr. Bean, originally played by Rowan Atkinson. Today, you can find Arnaldo Mangini on both TikTok and Instagram where he shares his visual content with his fans.

The record revealed that Arnaldo Mangini had taken interest in comedy since he was a child and has been able to do well for himself so far. According to the record, Arnaldo Mangini was born on the 4th of December 1973 in Italy, but there are no details of who his parents are or what they do. It’s known that he had his early childhood years in Italy and Holland, but there’s no information on whether he has any siblings. He was born in Italy and celebrated his 48th birthday in December 2011.

Arnaldo Mangini personal life:

Arnaldo Mangini is married, but little is known about his wife. He does have a daughter, Fabiola Baglieri, who is also a TikTok star. The two often make videos together.

His posts are full of selfies and comedy videos, with no hint of a spouse. He does have a daughter named Fabiola, but it seems he is no longer together with her mother. It’s possible that he is single and focusing on his career.

Arnaldo Instagram:

Arnaldo Mangini was born in Italy and frequently posts content with his daughter, Fabiola Baglieri, on his popular Instagram page (@arnaldomangini). With nearly one million followers, he posts a mix of selfies, comedy videos, and music videos featuring artists such as Justin Bieber. Mangini also has a sister named Teresa.

Arnaldo Mangini Tiktok:

Arnaldo popularity soared after he joined TikTok in April 2019. Currently, Mangini has 18.3 million followers and 125.9 million likes on YouTube.


There are no details currently available on Arnaldo Mangini’s education status. However, it is believed that he is educated.

Arnaldo Mangini’s career:

Arnaldo Mangini is a professional comedian who began his career in 1996. He is best known for his work as Rowan Atkinson’s double, and he continues to perform this role to this day. In addition to his work as a double, Arnaldo Mangini also runs his comedy program, which is unique and original. He gained even more popularity when he joined TikTok in April 2019. As of today, he has amassed over 18.3 million followers and over 125.9 million likes on the video-sharing platform.

Arnaldo Mangini has been involved in the art of comedy and entertainment since his childhood. He studied it with his family and at school. His professional comedy work began in 1996 when he took part in various television programs. In 2006, he left the television business to focus on his clown training. He has served as a clown in various international shows.

Interesting Facts:

  1. His current age is 47 years.
  2. His birthday is December 4, 1973.
  3. He was born in Italy.
  4. He doesn’t reveal his personal life on public platforms.
  5. He has always been interested in comedy and the arts.
  6. His daughter’s name is Fabiola.

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Who is Arnaldo Mangini?

Italian TikTok star Arnaldo Mangini is famous for his comedy videos and his likeness to the British sitcom character Mr. Bean, played by actor Rowan Atkinson. His arnaldomangini account has 24 million followers and 149 million likes, and he began posting to TikTok on April 15, 2019.

Who is the daughter of Arnaldo Mangini?

Arnaldo Mangini’s daughter, Fabiola Baglieri, is also popular on social media. He introduced her on Instagram in 2021 with a caption indicating that he had only recently met her. This created a buzz in the entertainment industry, confirming that he had not seen or met her previously. Fabiola is popular on TikTok and is also a well-known social media influencer. She has been posting makeup transformation videos on her social media.

Arnaldo Mangini Daughter