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Which Best Portable Vaporizer Should I Buy?

Vapes are quickly becoming part of our lives. Vaporizers are household requirements these days. It doesn’t matter whether you need a quick puff during a break or a full relaxing CBD dose after having a busy day. We have two main types of vaporizers; portable and desktop vaporizers. Portable vaporizers are more common than desktops because they are discreet, and you can use them anywhere.

If you go to the market today, there are all kinds of portable vaporizers to choose from. Now the greatest puzzle is on how to choose the best portable vaporizer. What should you look at? What are the best vaporizers in 2021? This article will help solve these puzzles.

What to Consider Before Selecting the Best Portable Vaporizer

It is not possible to select the best portable vaporizer without understanding what you need. To help you select the best, we will take you through the basics. By understanding the features and parts of a vaporizer, you will be in the best position to select one.

Portable vaporizers vary depending on the concentrate you are using. For example, a CBD vape pen used to vape CBD oil is very different from that used to vape CBD wax. This is why you need to understand what you vape and select a vaporizer along that line. This is what to look for in an ideal portable vaporizer in 2021.

Battery Life

Unfortunately, most vaporizers come with batteries that don’t last. Remember, these are small devices, so their batteries are equally small. Despite both being vaporizers, this is a different case for desktop vaporizers. For desktops, the battery is not a consideration.

Is it possible to get a vaporizer with good battery life? Yes, the answer is only if you get it from a reputable dealer like Dr. Dabber, CBDistillery, and the rest. Vaporizers from such brands encompass technology and design to ensure you get an excellent vaping experience.

High-tech includes having a battery with a high mAh capacity. Batteries with high mAh ensure you have several puffs before recharging. Another way to solve this problem is by utilizing your battery well by regulating heat at the setting section.

Is it Portable?

We are in the 21st century, where anything is possible. This is a world with a lot of deceptive marketing. Buying what you did not intend to is possible in the vaping market. We have thousands of brands that sell vaporizers. Selecting has become a tedious task. Physically examine the product or get it from a renowned brand.

What Brand Do You Choose?

It is possible to purchase vaping products online directly from the store through their websites. The moment you decide to visit a specific website, then you already have background information about it. How do you get to trust a brand?

This is easy; go through professional and positive reviews from the previous customers. The second criteria are to look at the certification of the products. For example, if a brand is dealing with CBD concentrates, third-lab test results should be available. It is, however, not possible to go through thousands of websites checking this. To make your work easier, we have done the research and came up with a list of three portable vaporizers for 2021.

Dr. Dabber Stella Vaporizer kit

Dr. Dabber is a trusted brand that deals with a wide variety of vaping products. Stella Vaporizer is one of the best vape kits you get for your next vaping experience. It is a portable vaporizer that comes with a warranty. It is evident the product is legit, and the brand is ready to replace it for you if there is a problem.

Arizer Solo 2

For flavors, this is the perfect pick. It is unique because of the glass stem feature that most vapes don’t have. Your concentrate is heated at the end of the glass stem and then travels through the stem before inhaling it on the other side. The vapor you get at the end of the stem is clean and in the same flavor as your concentrate. You can also load several stems in advance.


This is a super small portable vaporizer that fits perfectly in the pocket. It is also designed that when you’re holding it on the hand, it is unnoticeable. It carries a good amount of herbs or concentrates and also heats up immediately after pressing the button. Whether you are chasing clouds, strong hits, or flavor, PAX 3 is the choice. It also comes with a warranty, just in case.