NATO on the way to add Sweden and Finland

What’s next to happen? NATO on the way to add Sweden and Finland

Really? Is NATO on the way to add Sweden and Finland?

It was a sudden change in Europe’s security architecture launched by the Russia’s war in Ukraine, as NATO members joined the troops around Sweden and Finland on Sunday. It was done right after its intention to join the alliance.

This weekend in Berlin, where most of the NATO foreign ministers have adopted the widening of the Northern Bloc. These ministers see it as a process that requires consensus among 30 allies. There is only country that shows concerns is Turkey where Mevlut Cavusoglu-foreign minister was not happy of this alliance. He shows his concerns due to the relationship of Sweden with Kurdish activists in eastern Turkey.

A team of Sweden diplomats has been sent to Ankara to attend conferences this week. Jens Stoltenberg-secretary general of NATO, revealed that his expectations to work on the last minute of the enlargement plan.

Stoltenberg while talking to journalists in Berlin, spoke that Turkey has made it clear that their intention is not to block membership.

Governments in Helsinki and Stockholm will deliver their formal requests at the NATO headquarters in Brussels later in the week once their respective parliaments have been signed.

On Friday, Turkey got into trouble for the two new candidates when it suddenly drew attention to what it called their support for Kurdish “terrorists”. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has previously intimated that it would take a favorable vision of their candidacy.

Turkey is not happy and complained about insufficient help from NATO and European allies in its struggle with Kurdistan workers’ party. This party is classified as one of the terrorist organization by the America and European Union, and a group working in Syria YPG.

“Turkey showed concerns at the NATO expansion meeting,” Cavusoglu told journalists in Berlin.

Antony Blinken-US Secretary of State showed his confidence that Allies will get agree to support this expansion.

Melanie joly-Canadian Prime Minister declared it as opportunity that is above all bilateral problems.

NATO will consider the requests, once the official requests are submitted. This process will lead to talks with the countries on their responsibilities as members. The next step would be ratification by the 30 national parliaments and this whole process may take approximately one year to complete.

Stoltenberg said NATO is looking for ways to protect both countries while their application is ratified.