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What’s best for new mom’s?Manual breast pumps or electric?

The journey from pregnancy to becoming a mother is full of joys, smiles, hardships, tears and stories. Every pregnancy is different, particularly the first one because you may be experiencing whole new things. In nine months baby shopping and necessary products list never ends. Breastfeeding is essential, and not only it provides complete nutrition to the child; it also develops unique bondage between mother and the baby. Breastfeeding has been very convenient after the easy availability of the best breast pumps in the market. Many new mothers wonder which breast pump is best for their baby – or from which model they should choose from to provide best for the little angel. Manual models are cheaper and electric breast pumps are convenient, so the choice gets difficult. Consider it your lucky day in this article I will guide you all about breast pumps, the critical factors you should consider before buying – also, what are the pros and cons of both manual breast pumps and electric pumps.

What are breast pumps?

A breast pump is a smart and successful device to pump and save milk from mother’s breast. It is a handy product for breastfeeding. When the mother is not with child, and they get hungry, the caretaker can easily feed milk stored in them. It is a blessing for all mothers no matter if you are a working mom or going for some small market stops breastfeeding device helps keep baby full and happy. Moreover, a mother can work with less stress on the mind.

Breast pumps offer great help in overcoming lactation problems which are expected at the beginning of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding pumps are readily available in the market and online stores – you can buy them after the birth of a baby or before as per your convenience. Buy them before or after the childbirth; it is vital to know all about different breast pumps model. Choose the one you find best according to your needs; you can also ask your friends for a better opinion when you are still in the hospital.

The right time to buy breast pumps:

It is better if you buy these pumps after the childbirth, but there are few perspectives where you might need to buy them beforehand; i.e.

  • Mothers who are getting through a complicated pregnancy with the risk of premature labor – that means babies will be under development and their sucking reflex is not adequately developed. Sometimes it is hard to feed them directly from the breast. In this scenario, a breast pump allows stimulating lactation and feeding a baby with their mother milk.
  • Mothers who might go through planned C-section might need the breast pump beforehand. After C-section baby remains separate from the mother for some time and also might have weak sucking reflex. A breast pump helps in this case, and they stay nourished and full.
Types of breast pumps:

There are two types of breast pumps

  • Manual/hand breast pumps &
  • Electric pumps

There are varieties in both types as you may find the best portable electric pumps and much more.

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Benefits of Manual breast pumps:

After electric pumps making their place in the market hand breast pumps are getting less attention – but it does not lessen the benefits of the manual models. Here are a few of the benefits of manual breast pumps:

Easy set up:

Manual breast pumps are easy to set, and you can pump the milk quietly and efficiently. The breast shield connects with the membrane and valve, which transfer milk into the bottle. You can replace electric pumps with the hand pumps lever to supply more power to suction.

No need for electricity:

You do not need any electricity when you are using hand breast pumps. A travelling mom can have issues finding an electric supply and hand pumps free them from the stress. It saves a lot of time for busy mothers, and they can use it anywhere – on work, travel or even at home.


Having a little angelic addition brings blessing and joys to our home, but it also comes with increased expenditures. Manual breast pumps are an affordable choice, and you can even buy a few of the best quality brand hand pumps through your insurance.

Best for:

The manual breast pumps are best for mothers who are on maternity leave. It is also the right choice for those mothers who only go for outdoor shop trips leaving a child behind with guardian. Not only these manual breast pumps are quiet, small and light in weight. They can also be suitable backup pumps for electric ones.


Please remember that pumping milk from manual pumps is time taking and need effort. Also, with frequent use, it might wear quickly.

Electric Breast Pumps:

Electric breast pumps are trendy and choice of every second mother because:

Blessing for busy mothers:

When you have big kids at home already or busy with work and family, electric pumps save lots of time. It pumps milk more effectively than manual models.

A lot of Milk supply:

Many mothers have more milk ejection than others – electric breast pump can help pump milk fast, and you can store it for use later.

Saver for mother of twins:

Bringing up twins is tiring and feeding them at the same time can get fussy often. Electric breast pump works efficiently, and you can provide both babies at the same time.

Long separation:

When you are going for a long time like a full day at work, electric pumps work efficiently, and you can pump milk then store in the refrigerator for use later.


Electric pumps are available in the variety you can take portable electric breast pumps anywhere while you travel.


Although electric breast pumps are convenient choices but remember that:

It is expensive than manual ones & you may need a backup plan when you cannot find electric plugs.

Let’s wrap it up:

Breast pumps are a convenient and efficient choice for a new mom. Whether you chose a manual or electric one, both of them will make your new mom life easy and let you enjoy your bond more than before.

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