Yuzpe Method of Emergency Contraception

What you need to know about Yuzpe Method of Emergency Contraception?

Need to go for emergency contraception if you don’t any plan B? If you are anxious about unintended pregnancy right after unprotected sex, you can now have Yuzpe method of emergency contraception. According to Michele Bosworth, MD, the Yuzpe method comprises the combination of two doses that includes estrogen and progestin oral contraceptive, having at least 12 hours gap. In the American Family Physician journal, she has considered it as one of the convenient ways for the patients.  

The two doses should be taken as possible, mainly within next 72 hours of unprotected sex. According to Sarah Diemert, a nurse practitioner, this should not be taken any longer than 5 days of an unprotected sex.  

How to reduce the risk of unplanned pregnancy?

Every kind of emergency contraceptive pill works by delaying or preventing ovulation. The proper use of emergency contraceptive is likely to decrease the chances of getting pregnant. Note that there is no contraceptive method that can prevent pregnancy 100%.

Even the yuzpe method reduces the risk of unintended pregnancy by 74% if the oral contraceptives combination was taken within 72 hours. In case one needs extra protection, it is recommended to use a backup form of birth control for 7 days after the intake of emergency contraception.

Does Yuzpe method of emergency contraception work with few brands only?

There are several kinds of birth control pills which contain specific doses of estrogen and progestin and these are the only that works with Yuzpe method. If needed in emergency, don’t forget looking at the brand name.

Making use of birth control pill in such a way may cause several side effects. These may include nausea and vomiting. As per Diemart, one should repeat the dose when this is thrown up within next two hours. Some other side effects include breast tenderness, irregular bleeding, headache, fatigue, and dizziness.

According to Bosworth, yuzpe method may not be effective for people who are overweight. Even if one is pregnant, this won’t work.


When you get the period on the right date, it is confirmed that one is not pregnant. But when one is delayed, this is a trigger warning for the one and there arises the need to check. Pregnancy test helps find out HCG that produces the fertilized egg attached to the uterus lining.

It’s not just the missed period, it’s also fatigue, nausea, headache, enlarged breast, and various other signs that may trigger as a sign of pregnancy. Even if it is not a missed period, it is still advised to take on the pregnancy test.

If you intend to utilize birth control as an ongoing contraception, be sure that you do so in the right manner. In case you have taken an extra pill, talk about certain things to your healthcare provider. These are as below;

  • Get enough contraception pills for ongoing need.
  • Check out if you need to go for any kind of sexually transmitted infection
  • Make sure you are safe if involved in nonconsensual sex
  • Find out from your healthcare provider if you are using the right pill.  

Why is Yupze Method one of several Emergency contraception?

Although there are many other kind of emergency contraception options, one can choose to go for any over the counter pill as is better than doing nothing. Even Diemart shared that getting the most effective one is better than not using any. Additionally, timing is something that matters the most. Remember that the sooner is the better, so take an action within 5 days. If needed consistently, rely on birth control rather than emergency pills!