Australian’s Election

What you need to know about Australian’s Election?

Finally, Australia is soon to decide the next governor for the country by Saturday 21st May, 2022. As per the polls, there seems a close race between the PM Scott Morrison (ruling conservative coalition) and Anthony Albanese (center-left labor party).

With growing inflation that is undercutting the stronger economy and a rising assertive China fearing in the region, these elections have come down when growing anxiety down under have been witnessed. Major parties in the country have stayed away from the issues. For years these seemed boosted concerns over the climatic change.

For almost a decade, it seems that the liberal-national coalition is shaping up the election as it holds the power.

Candidates taking part in Australian’s Election

  • Scott Morrison

In the year 2018, he became the prime minister. He has been a staunch backer of coal industry in Australia. Also he received fame for bringing the lump of coal in the parliament, making the fellows comfortable about it, saying that it won’t hurt anyone. He is again a part of election as his hardwork kept the country corona free.

  • Albanese

He is a longtime member of his party, worked harder with the campaigns. Besides being a part of the parliament and the leader of the party, he started relative unknown campaign. The main reason became party taking decision not to challenge the legislation especially during the pandemic. This raised an opportunity for Morrison to come forward.

Who has the greater chances to win?

It seems likely for Albanese to win the elections as this has topped polls as Morrison called for the election in April. Even the labor poll that happened a week before was also in favor of labor party.

According to Wayne Errington, author of book written on Morrison, are off Morrison but they don’t seem to be completely supporting the opposite.

There seems to be another possibility for this as there is no other party having the majority of 151 seats in the house. This is similar to what happened in 2010 when Julia Gillard won by 3 independent seats.

It seems that labor party is capable enough of crafting a minority government. They just need to win from the few seats. The independent seats also seem to support labor.

Some issue that are on rise

  • It seems that the Australian economy has been on the center stage. Although it passed from the pandemic in a much better way than others, the unemployment rate dropped to 3.9%, credit taken by Morrison. But the rate of inflation seems to grow twice. This has become the cause of concern, especially those middle class who find it difficult managing their cost of living. Morrison has also called for minimum rise in wages that may hurt small businesses in town.
  • It appears that Morrison’s credibility is becoming a question. At first, it was the French president who accused him of lying over a scrapped submarine deal. He was labeled as the “horrible person”, “an autocrat”, ‘’a hypocrite and a liar” and “complete pyscho”. In response, he said, “I don’t hold a hose, mate”.
  • To surprise, there has been a national security issue as well. This has been justified by China signing off a security agreement with Solomon Island, raising the fear that super power can build a military base.

Let’s see what happens next during Australian election!