What is Crystal Therapy?

Have you ever listened about Mystery?

Crystal therapy is all about the mystery that means to heal someone with spiritual powers. This therapy relies on some of the hidden powers that come from stone and crystals. The risk of negative energy being transferred to the one who is healed is always there. This is why the practitioners of crystal therapy ensure practicing one so that one gets free from all the negative energies.

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People having stress and anxiety can benefit from this therapy. The major one of these include people suffering from mental diseases like insomnia, panic attacks, migraine, etc. It helps such types of patients to get their disease normal.

“Crystals and stones placed on the whole body of the person may mild the balance among the soul, mind, and body”

Relation between crystal therapy and chakras

The believer of crystal therapy uses the word “chakras” when they place stones and crystals all over the body. Chakras are about the spiritual energy that remains in every human body and performed in numbers. It may be any number 6, 7, or 8. To perform chakras in crystal therapy when negative energies start converting into positive, it is essential to be careful. Then starts to balance the body as well. Therapists believe that if there would be any mistake in Chakras, there will be a high chance of receiving more negative energies.

Steps included in this therapy

Different colored crystals are placed over the body when the therapy is going on with chakras. This happens with the belief that every color belongs to a particular cure. Amethyst is used for healing the mental calmness while rose quartz is used for curing the heartache.

  • 1st step- Place 4 amethyst crystals on the base of the throat, two on each side and make sure that they must be directed towards head.
  • 2nd step- Take one more amethyst crystal and place it on the center of the forehead, known as brow chakra. Point out this amethyst to the head crown.
  • 3rd step- With some directions, place another crystal over the head crown with some distance from the one placed on the forehead. It needs to be pointed in the upward direction.
  • 4th step- Take one more crystal and place it on the cervical vertebrae of the neck, it must be directed upwards. Now the process of this therapy starts curing the headaches.

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Practitioners make use of adhesive to fix the crystals and stones on the chakras so that they stay fixed. The patient is then advised to make their mind free for 5-15 minutes approximately. With time, the headache will start decreasing and goes to an end. Plenty of water must be drink during this therapy to get the best results.

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