put your curtains down during sleep

What Happens When You Do Not put your curtains down during sleep?

Getting disturbed every night because the light coming in your room is not making you sleep properly? Ever since you heard of it, you may be shocked reading how bad exposure to ambient lightening is during the night time, especially when you are asleep. You need to put your curtains down during sleep!

According to one of the common Northwestern Medicine study, when exposed to moderate light during night time sleep, this is harmful for the cardiovascular function, thereby increasing insulin resistance.

The study has further justified that even one night sleep in the moderate ambient light while sleeping can harm the glucose level as well as cardiovascular regulation. This means having lights on is a risk factor for heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes. Thus, making it important for people to minimize the light exposure during sleep.

Alternatively, there are evidences as per which light exposure during day time helps increase heart rate as it activates the sympathetic nervous system that makes heart stable enough to meet the ongoing day challenges.

Do not allow body to rest

When there is a light in the room, sleeping is impossible. And when you are too sleepy, this may increase your heart rate, offering you stress of not taking any proper sleep. Even if you are asleep, your bodies nervous system activates and this is not a healthy sign for your body.

According to our normal body structure, our heart as well as cardiovascular parameters are lower during the night time and higher when it is day time. This is due to the fact that our body carries parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system that regulates the body from time to time.

Is obesity and diabetes due to night time light during sleep?

There are number of researches carried out as per which people are found insulin resistance when they slept in the night time light room. With resistance to insulin, I mean the cells in the muscles, liver, and fats fails to respond and take glucose form the body for energy. At such a time, pancreas starts making up more insulin, resulting in higher sugar level.

Additionally, it also makes one gain extra weight. This is due to the fact that the body is not able to take the amount of rest it needs.

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Health and light- relationship

When compared the relationship, it is double-edged. This means it is different during the day time and different during the night time. When exposed to light during the day, it serves as an essential factor in the overall health. Similarly, when exposed to light during night, this may cause damage to the heart and bad for endocrine health.

Sleeping in a moderate light is a risk to the body. Researches have confirmed that having lights on during the night time sleep throws one into a state where the heart rate increases while contracting with the blood flow. Thus, making the blood vessels to get oxygenated blood flow.

You better put your curtains down during sleep!

Tips to follow for healthy sleep during night

  • Avoid switching off any light. If needed, make sure that it is dim. nd closer to floor only as this will serve as a safety for adults and kids.
  • Avoid white or blue light as these may distract a person while sleeping. Orange and red lights are less stimulating for the brain.
  • Wear an eye masks so that the indoor and outdoor light can be controlled together.

How to find out if your room is too light?

When you are able to see everything very clearly, it is too light.

Put your curtains down during sleep and get a goodnight sleep for a fresh start next day!