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What are the top 10 secrets behind Korean Skin?

Whenever it comes to skin care or advanced skin care, none can deny how diligent Korean women have been. Even if you do not know this yet, have a look at them in the K-dramas. If you get in search of poor signs of aging on a Korean woman face, the “glass skin” they carry may surprise you. The question here rises is what are the secrets behind Korean skin?

Korean skin is indeed wonderful and my trick of discovering Korean beauty secrets is more than something amazing. Want to have a skin like Koreans? Let’s hop into their proven skincare routine to reveal the secrets;

10 Secrets behind Korean skin

1 of 10- Oil cleanser

Korean skin care routine may appear a bit different but having trust over can help achieve the beautiful skin goal. They believe in double cleansing that means they do not wash their face once. Instead twice! Oil cleansers have always been the 1st part of their advanced skin care routine. This is due to the fact that these help in cleaning out all the oil based pollutants from the skin.

***Gentle massaging of the oil cleanser for 2-3 minutes gives a wonderful result. Make sure you wash this away using lukewarm water.

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2 of 10- Foaming cleanser

Thinking of why oil cleanser first and foaming cleanser next? When all the oil-based impurities are removed, you skin also needs to be dirt free. When following the Korean skin care regime, it is better to not use a super foamy cleanser later. Instead, one with a lower pH level may work.

***Gently massage the face with the low pH level foaming cleanser and wash it away.

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Tip to remember;

  1. When you are looking forward to differentiating between high pH or low pH foaming cleanser, remember that the one having the lower pH is light foamy.
  2. Do not rush with the cleansers. When you are done with one, let your skin relax so that the skin does not cause puffiness.    

3 of 10- Toning is a different thing for them

To the world, toner is something that wipes away the leftover gunk that appears after cleansing. But for the Koreans, it is the moisture that manages the pH level of the skin and softens it. Thereby, letting it get ready for the next step.

*** Pat the toner gently on the skin using your hands as the warm touches are amazing and the skin feels happy about it.

Tip to remember;

  1. When planning to go for purchasing a toner, remember that it is rich in active ingredients if you are willing to get a desired result that can help fight signs of aging.

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4 of 10- Essence

The ultimate secret behind the glowing Korean skin also includes the use of essence. Don’t you think this would work wonder? Korean woman seem not to rely on the thick moisturizer only, but make sure in giving the skin a protective layer of the essence that helps the skin breath in its own way. The watery layer of the essence penetrates into the skin, allowing the products to absorb.

***Sprinkle the watery essence on your skin and pat it gently.   

5 of 10- Emulsion

Next is the application of emulsion. What is it? It is again a type of water-based moisturizing cream. It serves to lock the moisture within the skin and ensure it is hydrated.

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6 of 10- Skin serum

Skin serums are amazing especially if you are having an acne-prone skin. These are highly-concentrated products that combat the aging sign.

***Take the small amount of serum in hand and tap gently all over your face.

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7 of 10- Sheet mask

What are sheet masks? Confused? These are the mask soaked in serums. You can say another layer of moisture for the skin. It works as a soul for the Korean skin. These smoothen up the skin and again locks the moisture.

***Apply the sheet mask and rest for 20-25 minutes. Do not wash away. Instead, pat all the moisture into the skin.

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8 of 10- Eye creams

Dark spots and wrinkles around the eyes are so common. The sensitive area needs to be taken care of. Eye creams are a recommended solution and no Korean miss this out. Note that this is a night time moisturizer and needs to be applied gently.

***For the purpose of application, make sure that you gently rub the eye cream under your eyes.

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9 of 10- The real moisturizer

It is that regular cream that you should apply in order to seal all the layers of your skin. The Korean texture and thickness may differ, but the result would be same. Once all the stages above are cleared, apply the moisturizer on your face and neck.

***Gently pat the moisturizer on your skin and let it absorb.

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10 of 10- Sunscreen

Thinking to go without a sunscreen? Do you dare think of it especially if you are willing to maintain Korean skin? Do you know that sun rays are coming towards you and these are badly affecting the skin? Please keep in mind that these do. The protection is therefore must and sunscreen here acts as a protective shield.

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Tip to remember;

  1. When making a purchase for the sunscreen, keep in mind that you check out it’s PA. PA followed by the plus sign is a representation of an effective product. This means, the higher the better.
  2. Reapply sunscreen after every two hours as it loses its’ effectiveness in this time period.

***Apply the sunscreen on your skin gently. Reapply it after every 2 hours, following the Korean skin care routine.

Having a skincare routine is a key to have a healthy and beautiful skin in every season. None can beat the beauty of Korean skin. Although hard to follow, following the Korean skin care routine can help you get the desired appearance. Ever tried out? Feel free to share with us in the comment section as below!

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