Denture Implants

What are the Benefits of Denture Implants?

Denture implants are one of the major inventions in oral healthcare treatments. It is a process in which a titanium screw is inserted into the jaw bone to support the denture or the duplicate teeth or the cap that will be placed.

When suffering due to broken teeth or damaged gums, and teeth due to cavities, people can undergo the treatment. It provides them with a permanent solution.

Denture implants provide many benefits. Some of the benefits that make it popular are as follows: 

  1. A permanent solution to broken teeth:

    The broken teeth may be partially or completely damaged. It always causes a problem, such as injuries or minor cuts in the tongue or inner layer of the oral cavity. A denture implant is one of the permanent solutions that help to get rid of broken teeth.

    A person can easily treat the denture teeth as an original, without taking any extra care required for temporary or traditional dentures.

  1. Stabilize the alignment of the teeth:

    As one of the teeth is removed or broken from the root, the gum weakens. There is a high chance that the alignment of the teeth may worsen with time. To provide stabilization and ensure proper alignment of the teeth, it is one of the best kinds of dental surgery. The abutment is fixed to the jawbone, which makes it stable for the replacement and other teeth.

  1. Reduces gum injury:

    Injuries are caused by direct contact of the broken teeth with the gums while chewing or biting food. There is a high chance that the other parts of the mouth face injuries or cuts. To avoid injuries, denture implants are one of the best solutions. The gums can prevent them from facing problems such as cuts or bleeding.

    A better digestive system, on the other hand, is already known when there is a lack of teeth there will be a chewing problem. Without proper chewing of food, it is not possible to have a healthy digestive system. So, when there are no teeth a person finds it difficult to chew their food easily. It leads to indigestion and sometimes a lack of appetite. Therefore denture implants can help in reacquiring proper digestive health.

    Denture Implants
    Denture Implants

What is the recovery time?

Before dental implants, it is essential to find out the recovery period after the complete processes. The recovery depends on oral or dental health. Some may require one month while few may need 6 months.

To understand the required time for the whole process follow their points.

  • Time or days required for consultation

    During the consultation with the doctor or dentist, it is decided if planting can be the right treatment. Based on dental health as well as physical health the method is used on the patient. Therefore a complete examination of dental health, as well as Physical health, is carried out. It helps to determine if any health issue cause problems during the continuation of the treatment. It may require 2 to 5 weeks.

  • If treatment before surgery is required

    There are often severe conditions observed in the dental health of a patient such as bleeding and fever. So before starting the process of surgery it becomes essential to treat and cure the problems related to dental health.

    It is considered the pre-treatment before surgery. A person may require 1-3 months to get rid of the initial dental health problems before implants.

  • Dental implants process

    There are different denture implants, such as overdentures and endosteal implants. A person may undergo any kind of denture implant. It may continue with the number of infected or broken teeth. It can be for a single tooth or more than one. Depending on the type of implant the treatment is carried out from 1 to 2 weeks. 

  • Healing time required

    After the completion of the surgery, the next time for healing and recovery ranges from 3 to 6 months. Due to health issues, some may also require a time length of up to 26 months to overcome the healing process. After the healing process, the abutment is placed within 1 to 2 weeks after which the final implant restoration requires one day.


Denture implants are a permanent solution for those who want an attractive smile and a healthy lifestyle. It is an easy treatment too. Therefore, if you have lost a tooth or some there is nothing to worry about; you just have to take an appointment with the doctor and opt for the treatment.