Violence around Al-Aqsa Mosque

Violence around Al-Aqsa Mosque- Israeli forces raid

Will we continue to see violence around Al-Aqsa Mosque?

A morning raid at Al Aqsa as thousands of people had gathered for Ramadan prayers. According to eyewitnesses, Israeli police entered the mosque compound saying they wanted to pre-empt any violence.

According to one of the Occupied East Jerusalem Resident, Sanaa Harfoush, “I was there when the clashes happened. We were all worshipping inside the mosque and the Israelis attacked first. But our people were already prepared to confront them.

But Israeli authorities say Palestine youths struck first. Holding stones at the officers, dozens of worshippers have been injured by rubber bullets, stun grenades, and batons. Hundreds have been arrested.

Turkey has condemned Israel’s actions as “unacceptable”, saying it is concerned by the increase in tensions in recent days. In a statement, the Foreign Ministry has emphasized the importance of protecting the status of Al Aqsa Mosque, especially during this sensitive period.

Palestinians view the deployment of Israeli force at the compound as a serious provocation. Last year, weeks of protests and raids at Al Aqsa during Ramadan escalated into an 11 day assault on besieged Gaza. This year, the Muslim holy month coincides with the Jewish Passover feast and the Christian Easter Weekend.

We’re in the month of Ramadan and the Israelis should be considerate during this holy month, and avoid any provocative actions- Said Yakup Al Naja, Occupied West Bank Resident.

Israel has signaled a desire to de-escalate tensions, but with an accompanying warning.

“We are working to calm things on Temple Mount and throughout Israel. At the same time, we are prepared for any scenario”.

Israel Prime Minister- Naftali Bennett

But its assurances appear to contradict footage of the attacks at the entrance of the mosque and the explosion inside. Mustafa Faith Yavuz, an Occupied East Jerusalem shared; By early afternoon, the situation had returned to normal. But normal is an Israeli occupation that dates back to 1967. And for Palestinians, as long as Israeli boots are on the ground in occupied East Jerusalem, any calm that prevails will always be undermined by the threat of violence.