US judge grants Trump bid for Special Master

US judge grants Trump bid for Special Master

When shifting focus to US where a judge has granted former President Donald Trump’s request for the appointment of a special master. Now the special master will independently review material that was seized during an FBI raid that took place at his Florida home. This comes as a major blow to the prosecutors. The order said that a special master shall be appointed to review the seized records, manage assertions of privilege, make recommendations, and evaluate claims for return of property.

The ruling temporarily blocks the government from reviewing or using materials seized in the raid. However, it made an exception for intelligence classification and national security assessments.

US judge grants Trump bid for Special Master

The Judge gave both sides until Friday to come up with a list of candidates in the room of special master. Now the government attorneys were against Trump’s request.They argued that appointing a special master to review privileged material could harm national security. They also said that the appointment was unnecessary as one team has already screened the material. The latest decision is a boost for Trump. It could delay the investigation into his handling of classified material. Trump has denied all allegations. He said that the August 8 raid was one of the most assaults on democracy. The FBI raid came after review of highly classified records that Trump surrendered to authorities in January.

Now the 15 boxes handed over by Trump contained 184 documents marked as confidential secret or top secret. Trump’s lawyer also turn over an additional 38 classified documents. However, the FBI went on to uncover multiple sources of evidence that showed that more classified documents remained at Mar a Lago.

A federal judge in Florida allowed the appointment of a special master to review the documents seized at former US President Donald Trump’s Mar a Lago residents, a move that will temporary halt the criminal investigation from the government. However, their national security review may continue.

A judge Eileen cannon’s ruling granted the special master a wide-ranging authority to review the nearly 11,000 pages of documents taken away from at Mar a Lago by the FBI on August 8. The judge said that the sheer volume of the material seeds from Mar a Lago is just one of the reasons why she said that appointment of a special master, a third party is necessary. And her court is not well-equipped to really go through all of this material and determine what part of it would be used as part of an FBI investigation and what part of it wouldn’t.

Court considering the volume of material and the parties expressed a desire for swift resolution of this matter? She wrote a special master would be better suited than this court to conduct the review. Now the question remains whether or not the government will decide to appeal this decision or not?