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US Inflation hits NY’s beloved breakfast sandwich

US Inflation hits NYs beloved breakfast sandwich!

The bacon egg in cheese sandwich is a staple in many New Yorkers diet. But it’s not as cheap as it used to be. To keep up with the level of inflation Bodega owners are left with no choice but to raise prices of their cheap breakfast sandwiches.

“According to one of the newyorkers, bacon and cheese, you cannot take it. That’s the way bacon can choose your favorite sandwich for The New Yorkers.”

You would rarely find a person who lives in New York and has never had a bodega. The protein packed bacon egg and cheese sandwich gives you enough energy to get through the day that too at an affordable price, but now with US inflation levels shooting through the roof. The cost of this breakfast sandwich has also gone up. It went from $2.50 to $4.5 and $6.50 if it’s a hero.  

The war in Ukraine and the Coronavirus pandemic has slowed down the American economy. Wholesale inflation levels climbed to 11.3% in June this year as compared to 2020.

As per Katie Denis, Consumer Brands Association, we’ve seen a pretty dramatic rise in the wholesale cost so you know whether that is energy or ingredients or materials. Everything’s been rising pretty steadily for quite some time. You know, I think consumers it’s showing up for them now and that is unfortunate. No one wants to be there. I grocery shop for my family and see it when I’m walking down the aisles too.

But I think we started noticing that this was happening in January of 2021. And it’s been rising pretty steadily. I think everyone hopes we’re at the peak of those kind of input costs, but it’s really hard to tell you know, there’s no slack in our supply chains right now. So it doesn’t take much to kind of rock the boat. Regulars at Marty’s Bodega are still trying to digest the price hike. So the price of their go-to breakfast is now affecting their lunch budget. It means that if someone buys a good breakfast and stretch it to lunch and don’t eat again until I get home. This means I lose weight. So it’s more like looking at the brighter side of things because what either way if you got to move, you got to pay. If you’re hungry, you have to eat.