ultimate hair care routine

Ultimate hair care routine

Hair fall is not an easy problem to crack. You guys might have tried numerous products and remedies out there, but nothing seems to work. This is because when it comes to issues like hair fall, I firmly believe that you need not just a remedy, but a holistic plan to tap the problem from its root cause.

So in this article I am going to share with you three simple practical steps which will get you from being in this problem to out of this problem permanently. And yes, this routine is not just tried by a few people, but is backed by research and is explicitly mentioned in our ancient text.

The ultimate hair care routine

Curry leaves

The first thing that you should eat after you are up and fresh is Curry leaves. Curry leaves are a rich source of beta carotene, amino acids and antioxidants which strengthen the hair follicles, making them probably the most effective foods to stop hair fall and hair thinning.

Yes, all you need to do is take three to five Curry leaves, put it in your mouth and chew them. Now it’s extremely important that you keep chewing them until you have extracted almost everything out of them and they turn into a paste rather a liquid.

This total process will hardly take your five minutes and the results will be simply amazing. On the other hand, if you chew them for two to three times and gulp it inside, it won’t be that effective. Then for best results, use fresh Curry leaves.

If you have a Curry leaf plant in your locality, nothing like it, as you can easily buy it from a local vegetable vendor. If you want to stop your hair fall and hair thinning issues, the first thing that you should eat upon waking up in the morning is Curry leaves.

Now I know there will be too many questions popping up. I drink water after waking up. Do I need to have Curry leaves before that? I have a cup of tea upon waking up. When should I have Curry leaves, etc. It’s simple no matter what, the very first thing that you should have upon waking up is water.

And when you are suffering from hair fall issues, I highly recommend that you keep water filled in a copper jug a night before, place it near you, preferably on a wooden surface and drink it the first thing in the morning.

But why copper jug? Today any people bring copper charged water for weight loss, but not many know how beneficial it is to curb hair fall issues. The ancient texts explicitly mention it. Even modern science agrees that copper can be supplied to the body like this, which acts as a catalyst for releasing the iron extracted out of red blood cells, helping in hair growth.

Moreover, copper charged water keeps the digestive issues away. Another major reason for hair fall problems. For people who drink bed, tea or coffee, stop doing that as you are just aggravating your hair problems.

So here is the drill. Wake up, drink water, brush your teeth, freshen up, and then have Curry leaves.

After you have Curry leaves, make sure you don’t eat anything for about 30 minutes.

Let the Curry leaves work within your system.

Apply Butter milk

Before you get ready, nourish your hair further. How? It’s an old age way of using buttermilk. It is an excellent cleanser, buttermilk makes the roots stronger by replenishing with protein and other essential nutrients.

Simply take some unsalted buttermilk and with your fingers, gently rub it on your scalp. Make sure to massage it evenly onto the roots of hair. Leave for at least 20 minutes and wash it off with running cold water. No hot or lukewarm water please, as warm water on head makes the hair roots weak.

Now to wash off the butter milk, make sure that you choose the shampoo very carefully. Of course, the foam formed will be a little less, but it will be best for you when you’re suffering from serious hair fall issues.

Homemade butter milk works the best. If not, you can also buy a packet of it from the nearest dairy store. I recommend you keep it out for a day or two. Let it get sore. That’s when it’s best for use.

Take care of your hair

Now, after you have nourished your hair well, there is one final step to be taken at night. At this moment, you can get ready for the day and spend it well. Don’t forget to take care of your hair. So after the day well spent, it is the time to execute the very last step of this hair care routine. It’s simple. You need to end your day with a dose of Amalki Rasaayan made from a combination of Amla powder and Amla juice. It is an ayurvedic medicine for the hairfall.

Take about one third of a teaspoon of it with half a teaspoon of honey and have it. That’s all. It is very important that you don’t eat anything after having this. Consider it as your bed meal. Also, for best results, make sure that you keep a gap of at least 2 hours between dinner and this medicine so that completes your 100% natural Ayurvedic haircare routine.

Final verdict

Upon waking up, drink copper charged water. After you are up and fresh, chew three to five fresh Curry leaves. Then, 30 minutes before bathing, apply buttermilk on your scalp, wash it off using 100% natural shampoo and finally end your day with the dose of Ayurvedic medicine. If you follow this hair care routine 100%, you will see a drastic difference in just a matter of few days and eventually hair fall will stop permanently. Our ancient texts guarantee!