Ukrainian Women showing strength and resistance against Russia

Ukrainian Women showing strength and resistance against Russia, says 1st lady

Olena Volodymyrivna Zelenska- Ukrainian first lady said on Thursday, that our women are not the victims of the Russian war. She also told all Ukrainian women have different resisting stories against the Russian army.

A virtual conference on “Women in Conflicts” was held in Brussels where Olena Zelenska made these statements about women. This conference was hosted by European Council President Charles Michel and Noble Peace Prize laureate Nadia Murad.

She said at the conference that Ukrainian women cannot be the victims. She congratulates all the women including doctors, nurses, teachers, entrepreneurs, social workers, and mothers as well throughout the Russian war.

According to Olena Zelesnka, more than 37000 women are serving the Ukrainian army and these women are fighting with honor.

She displayed some images of the women who became symbols of resistance such as Oksana Balandina, a nurse who lost her legs and fingers while performing her caring duties during the war. The other woman Tetiana Blyzniak, whose breastfeeding image was observed in a Kyiv metro station shelter went viral.

According to the UN estimates, more than 4000 civilians have been killed in Ukraine including around 1075 women and 100 girls as well. Over 14 million people of Ukraine have been ousted from their homes since Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb 24.

UN’s child fund estimated two children are killed every day during the war. Around 15.7 million people are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance in Ukraine.