mandatory evacuation of East Donetsk

Ukraine president declares mandatory evacuation of East Donetsk

The war in Ukraine is in its sixth month. In the latest report, President Vladimir zelensky has declared a mandatory evacuation of east Donetsk. This fighting in the region continues to intensify.

“The government decision on mandatory evacuation from the Donetsk region in place, everything is being organized. Full support, full assistance, both logistical and compensation. All we need is a decision from people themselves. Who have not yet made it for themselves? So leave, we will help you” – Vladimir zelensky

Amid this, trains to Kristen over the dinipro river have been cut as Ukrainian officials. This could block off supplies to Russian soldiers from crimea.

Ukraine military said that Russian soldiers have been moderately successful in taking control of a settlement in Donetsk. Amid this, the Ukrainian human rights official said that he had asked the International Committee of the Red Cross to go to olenvka, adding that he had urged the United Nations human rights monitoring mission to do the same. This comes after Ukraine accuses Russia of a deliberate mass murder of Ukrainian prisoners of war.

While Russia invited the UN and the Red Cross experts to prove the deaths of dozens of Ukrainian prisoners held by Moscow separatists. Both the countries have been blaming each other for the incidents. Meanwhile, Russian defense ministry accused kiev of striking prison with long-range missiles, adding that it was a provocation meant to stop soldiers from surrendering. Moscow said that 50 Ukrainian prisoners were killed, 73 others were hospitalized. Russian strikes continued to rain down on Ukrainian towns and cities on Saturday. Ukraine officials said that Russian shelling left one dead in Mikhail and one dead in Bakmut. Meanwhile the mayor of kharkiv said that three Russian s-300 missiles, a spoon in city, resulting fire engulfed two more buildings in the area. No civilians were killed or injured as a result of a shelling. Russia has been intensifying attacks in eastern Ukraine for weeks now. It is also expanding its operations in central and southern Ukraine with no end to the war in sight. Ukraine is once again appealing to global allies to further sanction Russia in an effort to end the war.