Ukraine is under constant stress

Ukraine is under constant stress

The first lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, said that Ukraine is under constant stress.

She commented after several rocket attacks were reported in the country, even in the Kyiv region.

“We have been under constant stress from February 24 and that does not yield,” she said.

MS Zelenska said the Ukrainian government implemented support to help Ukrainian people get help for their mental health and she is being assisted by W.H.O.

Ms. Zelenska said that we need help from experts, and this is the reason we have approached W.H.O who are helping us with psychological help.

Mrs. Zelenska, known for being quite private, also discussed her recent appearance in Vogue. She said it was a great opportunity to talk about Ukraine.

“Millions of people read Vogue and talking to them directly was my job. And that is an interesting experience,” he said.

Last week, Ms. Zelenska organized a summit of the First Lady, that was attended by the spouses of a certain number of the world leaders. During the meeting, they discussed the war in Ukraine and the necessary assistance.

“The first women have no opportunities to influence politically, but we have an emotional influence. We understand each other, we feel each other,” he said.

“The state must survive; this country must preserve some normal forms. Even the army tells their friends to go and drink coffee, watch movies, and enjoy the peace they have. We are here on the front lines to give you peace for you.

“This is a very complicated balance. So, if someone says Kyiv is a truly peaceful city, it will be an illusion. We have some rocket attacks but the country must continue to work. Businesses must continue to work. This country works and that should not be stopped. There is no life without development – we must continue to develop. “

Ukraine is under constant stress.