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Tips for Increasing Airflow in Your Home

Especially in summer, temperatures inside the home tend to increase compared to the pleasant weather outside in the evenings. It happens when, due to some reason, the airflow around your home is disturbed. To counter that, most homeowners have HVAC units installed that keep their homes cool in summer and warm in winters. Still, sometimes the issue can be that we don’t let fresh air into our homes, which increases the indoor temperature. And, you can always hire Air duct cleaning in Atlanta service for HVAC unit cleaning when you decide to enjoy the pleasant outside weather with a cup of tea or outdoor sports.

Ways to Improve and Increase Airflow in Your Home

Unless you cannot open windows, there is always a fix for improving and increasing airflow in your home. This way, you won’t have to turn on the air conditioner all the time and save more on your utility bills. Here are some ways to increase indoor airflow, improve temperature, and keep your home cool in summer.

Opening Doors and Windows during Pleasant Weather

One of the obvious ways to improve airflow is to open those doors and windows. Most homeowners use mesh doors other than the main doors. You can keep those mesh doors closed to keep those pesky bugs out and let the cool breeze in. You can easily create a cross breeze by keeping the front and back doors open and the opposite windows open. It has been seen that natural airflow is best when the weather is dry and clear and when the pollen count is low.
Please, don’t bother opening your home up on hot and humid days with little or no breeze. It is better to use an air conditioner running during those days and let your HVAC system do the circulation work. Cleaning is essential. Hence hire Air duct cleaning in Atlanta.

Eliminating Obstacles and Clearing Pathways

 Start by checking all the registers and vents around the house for any obstacles reducing airflow. Usually, things like furniture, towels, or drapes could restrict the airflow by being in the way. Cleaning regularly and thoroughly to eliminate dirt, debris, and dust from your living spaces, door mesh, and filters can further improve airflow.

Schedule an HVAC Inspection and Maintenance

Sometimes, airflow through doors and windows may not be the problem. So what if your airflow problem is within your HVAC system? What happens is, over time, you may start to feel low airflow from your ductwork which could be a sign of blocked vents. Technicians are quick. They easily detect everything.  Scheduling an HVAC system maintenance appointment or hiring to inspect your system and diagnose any issues for servicing is the best option.

Using Exhaust Fans for Extra Ventilation

Some rooms like bathrooms and kitchens are places that need to be extra ventilated. Steam and dew after baths and vapors while cooking need to go somewhere, or they will affect your indoor air quality. If you already have an exhaust fan installed, and you feel that the air in these rooms isn’t clearing out as it should, it means that this room needs a better, more powerful exhaust fan. The point of an exhaust fan is not only to bring fresh air in but also to keep or release stale, humid, or contaminated air outside.

Houseplants to the Rescue

One of the things often seen in movies is houseplants that most people have around the house. These are natural air filters that purify your air in your home. They absorb toxins. It causes allergic reactions and other usual symptoms like headaches and fatigue to improve your health. These plants include spider plants, peace lilies, and snake plants, to name a few. Houseplants are an affordable option for cleaning your air around the home and a great source of indoor oxygen. Choosing easy-care plants such as Aloe Vera or Dracaena can also make your room lively, and they aren’t time-consuming to upkeep.

Improve Attic Airflow and Ventilation

The attic is the most top part of a home which can get extremely hot in summer and very cold in winter. Since the attic is used chiefly as storage, most Air Duct Repair and Replacement in Atlanta services start their work from there. Usually, warm air doesn’t have anywhere to go in summer, so it gets trapped in the attic. For this reason, having proper ventilation there is needed, which most homeowners ignore. Even though there may be one window, an exhaust fan is a better option there. Another way to keep it cool in summer is to install intake and exhaust vents to improve and increase airflow. Having proper insulation around the attic can also help with the airflow. Just make sure the insulation is not obstructing or restricting airflow in any way, and you’ll feel the difference.

Products for Improving Air Quality

Several HVAC-certified products improve and increase air circulation and benefit the health of those living in your home.  One of the most used items is the air purifier. It comes with HEPA filters. They remove allergens, pet dander, and other pollutants from the air around your home. Other items like a ventilator can bring cleaned outside air into your home, while dehumidifiers control excess moisture. There are so many different tools in the market for improving your indoor air quality and Air duct cleaning in Atlanta that would work best for you.

So here are some ways to increase airflow in your home that can also improve your health. Make sure to clean and disinfect your home to keep the minor bugs out of your home.

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