Tips and Travel Insurance For Travelers

Tips and Travel Insurance For Travelers!

Travel insurance is not required in Indonesia, but you may need to prove financial resources to cover any expenses with covid, so it’s worth purchasing insurance with coverage for covid and rest assured. Anyway, I think it’s essential to alleviate discomfort and cover unforeseen expenses on any trip. Specifically in Indonesia, there are several reports of incidents of traffic or sports, reported by the Australian press (the large mass of tourists).

My brother lives in the neighboring country and reinforced for me to pay attention to the insurance to have coverage against third parties and sports because even if the Indonesian is to blame for the accident, as a foreign tourist, I am obliged to bear the health expenses of the places involved. Unfortunately, some take advantage of this, according to the widely publicized warning in Australia.

In addition, the ideal is to purchase insurance first and only then make reservations. In this way, if there are cancellations or changes due to illness on the day of departure, the expenses are included in the contracted coverage. I have done with which offers a discount to readers.

Also remembering the departure tax in the amount of 200,000 IDR (must be paid in local currency at the last airport).

People born in Indonesia are Indonesians:

Simplicity, curiosity and a lot of friendliness define Indonesian in general. Although they have different cultures, traditions and beliefs depending on the region, good hospitality is common to all. There are almost 500 ethnic groups and more than 500 dialects.

What is the main religion in Indonesia:

Even with a Muslim majority, Indonesia is not considered a Muslim country like those in the Middle East and Africa. The laws are based on the Dutch-influenced penal code and make no distinction as to belief. Christian, Muslim and Hindu holidays are respected by the government and population. Despite now being minority religions, Hinduism and Buddhism remain defining influences on Indonesian culture, particularly in Bali.

It is important to know how religion is at the center of Balinese life and everything is a reason for offerings. Assembling the basket with flowers, incense, fruits or other objects is like drinking water, a habit performed several times a day and the reason why the island smells great. They do it at home, in the car, at work, at the beach and in temples. There are more than a thousand buildings that house hundreds of annual festivals and ceremonies. Ngaben being the most important as I told in the text Art and Culture in Indonesia. Click here for ATV Rental in PIsmo Beach


Bahasa is the country’s official language, but each island has its own dialect. On one of the visits to the country, I had the opportunity to travel with Indonesian instagramers from the Sumatra and Java regions and it was amazing to understand their culture better. We even find several words with the same meaning in Bahasa and Portuguese, for example, foto with f.

Basic Bahasa Dictionary:

How much? – Berapa?

Good morning – Selamat paggi
Good afternoon – Selamat sian
Good night – Selamat malan

Thank you – Terima khasi
For nothing – sama sama
Please – Tolong

Women’s Toilet – Wanita

what to eat in Indonesia:

Aromatic spices, tropical fruits and a variety of peppers are essential ingredients in Indonesian cuisine. Recipes vary by region but are based on Chinese, European, Arab and Indian influences. Rice is the most common food accompanied by meat and vegetables. Among the national dishes are nasi goreng (fried rice with soy sauce, vegetables and egg), mie goreng (fried noodles) and satay (skewer).

If pepper is a problem, look for Western or tourist food restaurants. I like the spicy as long as it doesn’t dominate the flavor of the dish and I went through some work (not to say hungry) when I tried the more traditional places. A surreal example was the lunch on the flight to Sorong, even the bread was spicy and what saved it was the fast food at the airport.

The sweets are beautiful to look at and boring to eat, in my opinion. Fruits always go down well to refresh and aid digestion.

How is the weather and when to go:

Indonesia has a tropical climate as it is on the equator. It is humid and with temperatures in the range of 30 degrees all year round. There are two defined seasons: wet and dry, the latter being the peak season for surfing, which runs from May to October. The most frequent rainy season occurs between November and April, with the highest volume in mountainous regions.