Third-world countries can import Russian Oil-US Ambassador Chung

Third-world countries can import Russian Oil-US Ambassador Chung

There are no sanctions and third-world countries can import Russian oil-US Ambassador Chung said in Colombo.  

Chung said the US has sanctioned importing Russian oil into America but it is only because America has vast production capacity and energy capacity as well. On the other hand, third-world countries have no such type of facilities therefore, there are no sanctions for them.

She further said they feel the need for fuel in Sri Lanka right now and the Sri Lankan government will try to go to any sources to get fuel. While, sanctions are already imposed on Russian banks and logistics, transportation, and finance.

She said Sri Lankan must be aware of it and take it into consideration.

US Ambassador Chung said as far as Sri Lanka’s relationship with Russia is concerned, Sri Lanka has to decide on a better path. If they feel Russia is a reliable and good democratic partner that will provide benefits to the people of Sri Lanka, that’s what Sri Lankan Government has to assess.

Chung has denied the statements that some countries want to help Sri Lanka but waiting for a change of government.

There is some misinformation regarding the global community that they are holding back the aid or assistance to Sri Lanka at this time.

She said that US help and friendship with Sri Lanka is not related to the sitting person on the President or Prime Minister chair. She added that we want to see, promote, and encourage quality governance and positive reforms that reflect the Sri Lankan people.  

According to the US Envoy, the poor people are standing in the queues for getting fuel, not the Government Ministers or rich persons.

She added it will be best for the Sri Lankan economy to get the restructuring debt from the IMF program.

Chung made it clear that people will definitely get benefit from implementing these recommendations. For example, bringing more transparency into the debt structuring process. That’s very important for Sri Lanka to adopt these recommendations just not because of IMF saying but because it is actually good for the country.

Sri Lankan government has to take some very tough decisions for the sake of the betterment of the country Chung said.

The long-term human rights and accountability issues cannot be neglected in the North region. 

Third-world countries can import Russian Oil-US Ambassador Chung 

Chung said last that if we want to bring investment into the country, we must seek stability first.