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Things you should do for a strong immune system

A strong Immune system is vital to resist many diseases! The immune system is a defense system of our body that keeps the human body safe from many organisms that cause infections. People with healthy immune system tend to get sick less and are less prone to many life taking diseases like cancer. A person with a weak immune system can catch many diseases small and big easily. For instance, people with low defense system might catch a cold with every changing weather condition; and vulnerable to stomach issues with a little change in water and food ingredients.

Strengthening the immune system is not much difficult as it seems to look like a simple lifestyle change; some dietary changes are all that it takes for a sound defense system to prevent ailments. If you are also looking for methods to boost this incredible body defense system and prevent diseases – this article will provide you with tips and list of food items that help in a robust immune system.

Sleep Well:

Sleeping effects on immune system deeply – it is not wrong to say that they are closely tied together. According to a study, people who sleep less than six years are more prone to catch a cold than those who sleep soundly for 6 hours at least. Likewise sleeping more can also lead to a weak immune system.

In a different age group, we need a different sleep schedule for a better defense system. For instance, an adult should try to get sleep for at least seven hours daily at night. On the other hand, a teen should go for eight to ten hours daily and younger kids and babies should sleep for about fourteen hours daily.

These days’ people have trouble sleeping, and there can be many reasons for excessive screen time. Screen time involves your mobile, TV and laptops or PCs try to restrict the usage of these items and due to work or any reason if you have to use them to place them away from you at least hour or two before you go to bed. The TV and computer disrupt circadian rhythm and disturb your body natural sleep cycle. The blue light that emits from it also effects on eyes.

Moreover, for better sleep, try to sleep in the complete darkroom. Try blackout curtains on the window or sleep mask every night try a light yoga before bedtime for a peaceful sleep.


Drink, drink and drink plenty of water. There are no two opinions on the benefits of hydration. Water plays a vital role in the human body that includes strong support to your body’s immune system. Lymph is a fluid in the circulatory system that carries ital infection-frightening cells throughout the body, and it is primarily made of water. If you stay dehydrated, it will slow down the lymph circulation, and sometimes you will be left with a deficient immune system. An average body water requirement is eight glasses – no matter you are sweating or not. Even if you are not exercising you will be losing water while you breath and through urine and bowel movements.

Stress management:

Stress effects on our overall health, and it also affect our immune system. When facing stressful situations and depressed for extended time, particularly chronic stress, it leaves long-lasting and frequent effect. The stress response may cause infection and illness.

Stress reasons are different, and its effects differently on every one that is why there are various ways to relieve it. When it is affecting your health, it is time to cope with it with full consideration! Try breathing exercises, meditation, prayers, yoga or other light exercises. These activities boost the health of the brain and help to cope with stress.

Maintain eating habits:

Eating healthy and maintaining proper eating habits are crucial for everyone. You might be eating beneficial foods but not correctly – eating at any time overeating, or too less is all bad for health and so for your immune system.

  • Make a proper schedule – do not delay or skip breakfast.
  • Eat within limits to avoid food poisoning issues and do not keep your stomach empty for an extended period as it might cause acidic problems.
  • Avoid junk foods, frozen foods and too much oil.
  • Do not eat and go to sleep immediately.

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Healthy food:         

A healthy diet is also one of the substantial factors for the immune system. To get a healthy immune system, one should eat more vegetables, fruits, lean protein and healthy fats that contain good cholesterol like dry fruits.

Few of the essential elements are essential for strong immune systems are; Vitamin C, B6, E, Omega3, good fats like dry fruits.

These elements are easily found in these foods:

Whole plant food:

Whole plant foods consist of fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts and legumes; they are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Antioxidants are excellent elements that defend against dangerous microorganisms. The antioxidants help to decrease any chances of inflammation build-up. The harmful inflammation build-up can cause diseases like cancer, heart diseases and Alzheimer’s.

A plant food boosts microbiome which is a community of good bacteria in your gut. A strong community of bacteria improves immunity and keeps these dangerous elements away from entering the body through a digestive pathway.

Citrus Fruits:

Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C – it helps boost the immune system against many infections and viral diseases like flu and cold. Vitamin C increases white blood production and fight infections. Grapefruit, oranges, limes lemons etc. are all enriched with Vitamin C.

Milk and dry fruits:

Milk and Dry fruits contain lean protein and healthy fats containing enzymes that help boost the defense system and build a strong immune system. Furthermore, milk contains enzymes that make a strong digestive system and increase the overall immune system.


Eggs consist of many essential elements, including Omega 3 – according to studies; Omega3 provides a strong immune system against cancerous cells.


A strong immune system is a critical factor for a healthy and prosperous long life. Bring a few changes in your lifestyle, and you will love the new healthy you. Stay Strong, Stay Healthy.

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