habits that changed my life

These are habits that changed my life

Is there anything that can bring changes to life? Surprisingly these are habits that changed my life!

All of us has habits and we separate them in either good or bad. But here are the additional habits that changed my life;

Early to bed, early to rise

I know this has been a really common quote by Benjamin Franklin. But do we all opt for it? Not really. I had been a night junkie and all the time I felt lost. Now for more than years, I’ve been waking up early around 5 AM and making sure to sleep by 8 to 9 PM.

The greatest change that I felt in me is my mind free from every kind of distractions. Amazingly, I feel fresh that helps me grow in everything I plan and do.

Stopped taking so many decisions

I remember how I used to changed my decisions every time. I have put a limit to it as I take one decision for that one thing I may need and stick to it. That’s it. This makes me feel easy now!


If someone says there is no stress, he/she is lying! Stress is a part of everyone’s life and everyone should find a way to deal with it. I find peace in doing yoga or say meditation. I cannot still tell you the numerous benefits of yoga because I believe they are uncountable!

So when someone asks me about the habits that changed my life, I do mention yoga. Everyday I make sure to take out at least 10-20 minutes for myself and that’s it. I listen to what I have to tell myself and this is really positive. Do give it a try.


I believe what we read leaves an impact. I make sure to read at least an hour as this helps me get ideas or say a path where I can freely move. So if you are willing to get some great idea, read out some great books, articles, and a lot more.


Writing is a hobby so I cannot leave it behind. I can prove with this blog that I started. I am also making sure that my hobby makes me earn too so giving some of my time to platforms that are allowing me to do so.


Since my childhood, I have always wanted to learn technology. So when I find time, I watch some videos, help myself get some ideas and learn. I get amazed to what comes new in the market and how these brains building up are actually working. Someday maybe my deliberate practice makes me build something different and unique.

That’s it!

Well I also cook for a fresh mindful feeling. Good luck and do try to bring some positive changes in your life!