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The Truth behind Coronavirus Vaccine

Coronavirus has affected millions of people all around the globe and the world is still fighting against this deadly virus. Research is going on and the pharmaceutical companies are working tirelessly to create a vaccine for this. It is assumed that we will have the coronavirus vaccine in the upcoming months.

Is there any coronavirus vaccine?

There are a lot of questions related to the vaccine. Listed below are the truths that you need to know about the Coronavirus vaccine:

  • People have assumed that the coronavirus vaccine is a one-time vaccine that will make you immune your whole life. The actual life of this vaccine is still unknown. How long will the vaccine last is the question that is not yet answered? Maybe it could be similar to the flu shot that would be needed on a regular basis.
  • Even after the vaccine, the need for masks and sanitizers will still be necessary. The vaccine will help in slowing down the second cycle of coronavirus hence, masks, frequent handwashing, and social distancing still need to be maintained and followed religiously.
  • People also believe that the vaccine will give you coronavirus. As for now, the vaccine does not involve any live virus in the making. After the vaccine, you may suffer from fever. But this doesn’t mean that you are exposed to the virus. The purpose of the vaccine is to make the immune system strong and prepare it to fight against the virus. This is especially the case when you are affected by it in the future.
  • If you have been affected by the virus still, you might be needing the vaccine. The deadly virus can affect a person more than once and hence; the vaccine will also be available for people who have suffered from this deadly virus.
  • There is also a myth that the flu shot can protect you against coronavirus. If that would be the case, why would scientists struggle and make a separate vaccine for coronavirus? Remember, a flu shot prevents only from flu and not from coronavirus.
  • Vaccine for coronavirus comprises two doses. As soon as the patient takes the first pose, it’s the time for the second dose. There needs to be few weeks difference in the two doses. However, it is not yet confirmed if only a single dose will be effective or one has to take both doses. The first dose is for the protection and the second one acts as a type of booster which helps in boosting that protection.

How to keep yourself safe?

Until the vaccine is available for use and even after that, you should follow these safety measures in order to keep yourself safe from COVID-19:

  • Wash your hands frequently,
  • Use mask and gloves when going out.
  • Use a sanitizer in case you cannot wash your hands.
  • Do not touch your eyes, mouth, and nose.
  • When outside, maintain a 6-feet distance from people.
  • Include Vitamin C in your diet to increase your immunity.
  • Disinfect your house when needed.
  • Sanitize your grocery and other store-bought items.
  • Don’t miss timely flu shot.


Although this pandemic diaries has made everyone restricted to their houses but to make ourselves safe, this is very important. We hope that we all get the vaccine in the upcoming months and so, we can continue our lives as before. Till then, following all the safety measures is the only solution to protect ourselves from Coronavirus. Stay safe!

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