Tanks sent to Ukraine from Russia

The Most Advanced Tanks sent to Ukraine from Russia

Tanks sent to Ukraine from Russia!

According to the Russian newspaper Izvestia,

“A train equipped “Proryv” considered as the most advance tanks has been sent to the troops in Ukraine”.

It is also considered as an impressive transmit of T-90M Proryv tanks to the Russian Ministry of Defense through biggest battle tank manufacturer.

You will find this story among the most visited news on the Russian domestic news website RIA Novosti.

After loading the tanks the train was directed to the front of the tune “Farewell of the Slav”. It was written by a Russian patriotic march for the Slavic woman. That woman went along with her husband in the First Balkan war in 1912. Archpriest John Bragin the head of the Dimitry Donskoy church, blessed the tanks as well.

Keeping in view the Russian soldiers efforts and courage, the drawings and letters from the children of Uralvagonzavod’s workers were sent with the tanks. This act is also reported by the news agency and considered it as support symbol for Russian troops.

Uralvagonzavod is a part of Nizhny Tagil in the Sverdlovsk Oblast, Rostec.

The most advanced tanks T-90 that were sent to the Ukraine are developed by the Ural Design Bureau of Transport Engineering.

As description provided by Izvestia, the T-90M tanks are similarly equipped with ammunition box but with a flaw. These have been pointed by Western defense experts.