best sunscreen for face

The best sunscreen for face

Sunscreens are one of the essential parts of our daily skincare. Be it summer or winter, sun rays leave an effect on the skin. With global warming and continuously damaging the Ozone layer, sun rays are more dangerous to human skin than before. The freezing temperature and vicious dry winds leave our skin dry and make your skin more prone to UV rays attack. Likewise, scorching sun rays attack the skin, and many people get skin burns. So it is high-time for looking back towards the best sunscreen for face.

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Benefits of Sunblock

Among a few of the benefits of Sunscreen are:

Even Complexion

Sunscreen helps your face complexion to stay even. Sun damage is the most prominent cause of uneven skin tones, and the use of Sunscreen daily helps to prevent those uneven darker and lighter skin tones.

Protect you from the sun

Well, it is an obvious benefit of Sunscreen. Your skin will be protected against the sun’s broad spectrum of harmful UV rays. Sunscreens try to minimize the effect of UV rays on your skin because even the mildest skin burn can leave high damaging effects on your skin.

Lesser risk of Skin cancers

According to many surveys, it is suggested that people who use sunscreens are less prone to skin cancer. Wear it daily even it’s raining or cloudy to prevent any severe damage.

Prevents premature aging signs

Aging leaves effects on the human body and faces are not anything exceptional, but do you know that ultraviolet exposure can cause aging factors like wrinkles and leathery skin before time. Daily use of Sunscreen can slow down the process, and you may look younger for a longer time.

Overall skincare

If you are always struggling to find something that provides your overall skin health, then sunscreen can be your favorite choice. Sunscreen contains essential proteins that help to keep you protected from harmful rays and also keeps your skin smooth and healthy.

Choosing the best quality product:

There is no doubt that sunscreens are essential for your skin and the market is flooding with hundreds of products that claim to be the best. But unfortunately, not all are good for your skin. The choosing of Sunscreen is crucial; a wrong choice might get you to skin more damages than benefits.  If you are also looking for best sunscreen for face, here is the list of the few best sunscreens which will help you stay younger, fresher and healthier for a long time.

Biore Sunscreen

Biore UV sunscreen in Japan manufactured Sunscreen. For its best quality and performance, it has been awarded as best Sunscreen in the year 2017. Some of the features are:

  • Biore UV sunscreen is a mixture of hyaluronic acid and citrus essence which keeps your skin moisturized and fresh. The citrus heart gives you refreshing feelings.
  • The Sunscreen absorbs in your skin perfectly, and you can apply makeup smoothly.
  • SPF-50 power makes it a perfect sunscreen that keeps you from UV rays and provides maximum protection.
  • Waterproof and can stand up to 80 minutes in the water but you can remove it easily with makeup remover, soap, or face wash.

Neutrogena sunscreen

Neutrogena Sunscreens are available in a large variety. Each one of them proves to best for the skin. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry touch Non-Grease SunScreen with SPF 100 is one of them. A few of its outstanding features are:

  • SPF 100 helps fight against the UV rays and decreases the risk of skin cancer that may be caused by harmful sun rays.
  • The non-greasy matte finish allows it to be used on bare skin and become the best makeup base. You can apply foundation and makeup without any fear.
  • The sunscreen lotion help prevents skin burns and best for daily protection use.
  • The Sunscreen is waterproof and can stand in water for 80 minutes. To remove you can use soap water, face wash, or makeup remover.
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Lakme sunscreen

Lakme sunscreen protects your skin to stay healthy and young. A few of its features are:

  • SPF 50 with PA ++ help prevent harmful UV rays and protect your skin from sun damages like uneven complexion, darkening, and sunburns
  • Provides you an ultra-smooth matte finish.
  • For best results, apply 15 min before going out in the sun.

CeraVe sunscreen

CearVe sunscreen is one of the best sunblocks for all types of skin. It is one of the best choices of sunscreen for oily skin. A few of its features are:

  • Broad-spectrum protection with mineral filter sunblock feature. It provides 100% protection from harmful sun rays.
  • The components of sunblock are the same as the natural components found in your skin. Ceramides are one of them. They help you to fill in the gaps between your skin cells and seal the moisture into it. Also, seal out any impurities.
  • Mineral sunblock protects your skin from all types of UV rays damages. It is light weighted and easy to blend. Your face will get a natural glow. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates into your complexion.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and best results apply 15 min before going out in the skin.

Aveeno Sunscreen

An oil-free hydrating moisturizing sunscreen lotion is one of the best travel partners for everyone. It is one the dermatologist recommended

  • Protects your face and whole body with Broad Spectrum SPF 70. It is an oil-free solution for sunblock and one of the best sunscreen for oily skin.
  • Aveeno sunblock is water-resistant and can stand in water for 80 minutes. You can easily remove it with makeup remover, soapy water, or face wash.
  • UVA and UVB sun protection help prevent sunburns, uneven complexion, and premature skin aging signs.
  • The sunscreen not only protects you from harmful rays but also keeps your face moisturized and nourished. That makes you feel softer and healthier than before.
  • Absorb in the skin smoothly and won’t clog pores. You can wear makeup on it without any fuss.


Sunblocks are one of the daily needs of your skincare. Try to buy the one with the best quality and always wear it going out, particularly from 9 am to 4 pm for the best protection. Got the best sunscreen for face? Don’t forget to share with us in the comment section as below!