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imran khan's moscow visit
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Russian envoy on Imran Khan’s Moscow visit on day of Ukraine Invasion- Sheer coincidence

Russia denies link between Imran khan’s Moscow visit and his ouster as Pakistan PM. Putin’s envoy terms Imran Khan’s visit to Russia “Sheer Coincidence”. Russia’s envoy to Pakistan has refused link between Imran’s Moscow visit and the no-confidence motion. According to Danila Ganich, it was a sheer coincidence that Imran Khan happened to be in […]

Crises in Sri Lanka
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How do the world see crises in Sri lanka?

Crises in Sri Lanka is a painful thing for all of us. But let find how the world see it! Weakness in internal politics is the base of disturbance for many low middles and developing countries. These also get seriously hit by the external economic shocks including the Russia-Ukraine war and Covid-19. This country appears […]