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Lavender benefits for clear skin
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Surprising Lavender Benefits For Clear Skin

Lavender oil is one of the most popular essential oils on the market, and for good reason. lavender benefits skin in a number of ways, from reducing inflammation to helping heal wounds. But did you know that lavender oil can also be used to help treat acne? Acne is caused by a build-up of sebum, […]

reverse signs of aging skin
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Can facial exercises reverse signs of aging skin?

Yes, facial exercises can reverse the signs of aging skin. In fact, they are one of the most effective anti-aging treatments available. Facial exercises help to tone and tighten the muscles of the face, which in turn helps to lift and firm the skin. They also improve circulation and promote collagen production, both of which […]

is calendula good for face skin
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Is Calendula good for face skin?

Calendula is a plant which includes around 20 species of annual and perennial herbs. The name calendula comes from the Latin word for “little torch,” referring to the plant’s bright yellow flowers. Calendula has been used medicinally for centuries, and is still used today in creams and salves for its healing properties. This plant is […]

eye creams for bags under eyes
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Eye creams for bags under eyes

Do you have bags under your eyes? If so, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with this common problem. There are a few things that can cause bags under your eyes, including dehydration, allergies, and genetics. But one of the most common causes is simply getting older. As we age, the skin around our eyes […]

Hair colors that make you look younger
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Hair colors that make you look younger

Looking to hair color to give you a more youthful appearance? You’re not alone! Many women (and men) use hair color as a way to look younger. And while there are no magic hair colors that will instantly make you look 10 years younger, there are certain hair colors that can help give you a […]

Supermodel Paulina Porizkova slams surgeon
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Supermodel Paulina Porizkova slams surgeon who says her face needed fixing

Supermodel Paulina Porizkova slams surgeon who says her face needed fixing. Paulina Porizkova isn’t going to take ageism and terrible beauty standards lying down. The 57-year-old supermodel used her Instagram to issue a scathing rebuttal to a plastic surgeon who allegedly pointed out everything wrong with her face. The video by the doctor which she […]

get rid of puffiness on the face
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How to get rid of puffiness on the face?

A puffy face appears unhealthy. Do you agree with me? You should actually. Because it does. You will always be disappointed when you’ll realize you do not get the right picture you always need to have. In general, I am always going to recommend you to eat the right food, exercise regularly, and limit the […]