Summer skincare hacks
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Summer skincare hacks you should not miss

The weather is heating up gradually, and along with it heats our beauty routine so that it can work for us perfectly. Hot temperature and warm water of ocean bring lots of fun into our lives and carry skin problems. Summer skincare hacks help to deal with all skin issues and make us glow like never before.

As the temperature rises, we love to go to beaches, swim and take our time out to have all the fun we can. We love to return to tour BFF beach now and then. Not to mention delicious seasonal fruits and veggies are one of the perks of hot weather.

Everything comes with its downside, and summers have their share of downsides, particularly for skincare. Summer skincare is tricky! A tan skin looks beautiful, but you will never know when you started sunburns from tan – and then start your struggle with dry patches and dehydrated skin.

What are the basic summer skincare hacks?

For starters taking care of skin without skincare hacks are much more demanding and come with new challenges and problems. The good news here is that you will have all the glow and brightening, healthy-looking skin after trying some new summer skincare routine.

It is easy, and it is fun; from face wash to moisturizing and instant glow, you will find all in these incredible summer skincare hacks. So we don’t waste more time and let’s get started with it:

  • Double the cleansing:

Salt, sweat, sun sand and sunscreen all create havoc on your skin which needs serious cleansing every day. Particularly when you are spending a lot of time outside – you need to amp your cleansing game to keep the pores clean.

For dry skin, then cleanse your face with an oil-based cleanser and then with a gel cleanser. For oily skin type, try an oil-free cleanser first and then gel cleanser to make your face glow and stay clean. You can also try some home-made cleanser in case you are not comfortable.

When you have never tried double cleansing, it is the best time to get it a shot and see your skin glowing. The first cleansers will get all the dirt, salt and sweat from the pores, and the second cleanser will make you face a fresh canvas to moisturize it and stay fresh.

  • Fake a tan?

Oh yeah, you can always fake a tan with the help of beauty experts. A fake tan will provide you perfect shiny bronze look, and you will not have to get sunburned in the process.

  • Exfoliate:

For all skin types, exfoliation is a must. In summers, we usually wear clothes which show our skin, and you will not feel confident if your skin is not flawless. First, exfoliate the skin with a sugar scrub or other skin-friendly products available in the market. Then moisturize it properly – moisturizer is necessary even you have oily skin. For oily skin, we recommend oil-free moisturizers or natural remedies to stay glowing.

  • Use skin serum:

Aging skin needs extra skincare – when you start getting aging signs, it is better to cater for them from the start. In summer, a skincare routine adds skin serums to amp your skin beauty. A skin serum provides all the instant and long-lasting solution for your skin.

Many skin serums are available in the market, but we recommend TruSkin natural serums as one of the best summer skincare hacks. TruSkin natural serum with Vitamin C contains the entire essential to keep your skin fresh, healthy, and younger-looking in summers. The serum makes your skin protecting elements strong to prevent environmental damages.

TruSkin natural serums contain no chemicals and consist of only organic and natural ingredients, so you will not face any side effects. TruSkin serums are suitable for all skin types and available at affordable rates.

  • Amp the sunscreen:

Harmful UV sun rays increase the process of aging, and you will get dry patches, fine lines and wrinkles. In summer, the sun rays can damage your skin 80 % more than in winter. It is quite an alarming percentage, and ordinary sunscreen cannot deal with it.

One of the best skincare hacks you can follow to get rid of aging issues is amp the sunscreen formula in summers. Use at least SPF 30, and in 40’s try to go for SPF 50 for best results.

Keep yourself hydrated:

Have you been trying all the moisturizers and cleansers, yet your skin look dull? Nodding in yes, then that means you are not keeping yourself hydrated well. Drink a lot of water and fresh juices of seasonal fruits to keep you hydrated well.

In hot weather, we already drink water more but not enough to meet our body needs. Hot weather meant lots of sweat, and the body gets weaker. Water and juices will help you stay healthy, and on the brighter side, your skin will glow like never before!

  • Switch to gel face wash:

Try to use face wash, cleansers and moisturizers, which are oil-free and comes in gel texture. Gel face wash will keep your skin clean and do not create excessive skin.

In summer, dust and sweet already make your skin dull and oily, and oil-based products will make the issue more prominent. A gel face wash and moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated but do not let your skin feel greasy at all.

  • Wear a big hat:

One of the amazing summer skincare hacks is wearing a big hat. Even if you are wearing sunscreen, sun rays and environmental hazards can damage your skin. A big hat will provide you with a relaxed feeling and protect your skin and your eyes from direct interaction with sun rays.

  • Use home-remedies:

Cool down your skin and brighten it up with the use of products from your kitchen. For instance, a yogurt and honey mask will make you glow instantly. A natural remedy treats skin problems well, and also it is cost-effective.

Let’s wrap it up:

Summer skincare hacks will keep fresh and get rid of many skin problems. With a bit of change in the summer skincare routine, you will get glowing, younger-looking skin this summer. Stay Happy – Stay Glowing!

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