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Success in Ukraine will lead Russia to attack other neighbors

Jens Stoltenberg-NATO Chief warned on Thursday that success in Ukraine will lead Russia to attack other neighbors.

Stoltenberg said in a Norwegian Worker’s Youth League summer camp on the island of Utoya,” This is our moral responsibility to support Ukraine against Russian offensive attacks”.

The world could become more dangerous if Putin “gets what he wants using military force,” said Stoltenberg.

“If Russia wins this war, Putin will get confirmation that violence is good to get success. Then other neighboring countries might be next, “he said.

Stoltenberg also rejected all the Russian statements regarding “aggressive and expansive NATO”. He further explained that NATO members are free and democratic countries that have chosen to join the alliance.

Stoltenberg acknowledged that NATO countries paid prices for their support to Ukraine, but emphasized that contributions in military expenditure or higher inflation were only paid in money.

“The price paid by Ukraine is measured in human life,” he said, calling the Russian War the “brutal and bloody war.”

“A more dangerous world means that we have to invest more in defense, to maintain peace,” said Stoltenberg.

In June, NATO leaders agreed on the greatest overhaul of the collective defense of NATO and deterrence since the Cold War.

The reforms include a new deployment model, with previously assigned forces to defend NATO-specific countries, 300,000 troops with high preparation, and more equipment and reserves of predicted weapons on the eastern flank.

Success in Ukraine will lead Russia to attack other neighbors.