Spooky Halloween Season

Did The Spooky Halloween Season Brought Something New?

Halloween is an years old festival in the lives of people in the Western Countries, celebrated every 31st october. With this festival, people fool the spirits of the deads ones, believing that they are allow them to come back to life on this particular day to harm people and crop them in the physical world. This day worldwide has been marked as spooky as people favorably dress up as fictional characters as ghost, zombies, and similar others, following the parties and gatherings.

Reason why people wear scary

Even on the 31st Oct 2021 people wore scary for this celtic tradition for not being recognized by the spirits coming back to earth and harming them.

“After 1930s, people started with the trick and treating as a part of the celebration, meaning that they’d scare others by going from door-to-door and asking for food or money, following the Irish ways of celebrating the tradition.”

The excitments of the costumes

Almost every year halloween brings a lot of fun among people who are always looking for a chance to dress up and enjoy bulky and spooky surprises, uncovering the on-going thrills in every corner. Researches from the last year shows that only 1/3rd of the Americans are enjoying the festival in the most creative ways wearing costumes. Although turning out as one of the iconic horror movie characters is exciting, not everyone has a strengthened heart.

This year, Americans have spent more than $10 billion dollar just for the sake of a perfect costume for this spooky festival. Some of the common ones include witch, dinosaur, spider-man, fairy, rabbit, etc.

Does it end up with the costume only? No! Instagram bloggers are seen to help people with their halloween makeups  as well.

How successful have you been with celebrating the halloween? No matter the choice for costume or makeup you make, the values for this tradition remains the old with a unique place in every heart. Happy Halloween!

Safe and Sound, an injury prevention service of Children’s Hospital at Erlanger and Safe Kids Southeast Tennessee, In celebration of Halloween, we’ve collected the spookiest stories that healthcare workers have shared about the creepy things that have happened while on shift