smoking is an epidemic passing to next generation

Smoking is an epidemic passing to next generations

Smokers often themselves what’s really is the big deal with smoking a cigarette? Their argument is simple. Smokers often lead a long and happy life. Whereas a lot of those abstain or diagnosed with cancer. Now while that may be true in no way does that suggest that you should smoke? And we certainly are not encouraging you to. Far from it in fact.

I want to tell you about a very interesting report that I read the other day, it said that your smoking habits can be deadly not just for you, but also your next generation and the generation after. Simply put your grandchildren can suffer the consequences of your smoking a cigarette. Let that sink in!

Consequences of smoking

I’m guessing you’re wondering what kind of consequences I’m talking about? Well lung problems to begin with, even asthma. Look at what the study says; a child is 59% more at the risk of non-allergic asthma if his father is exposed to second-hand smoking in childhood.

What is second-hand smoking?

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines it as a combination of smoke from the burning end of a cigarette smoke and the smoke breathed out by smokers. Basically, second-hand smoking is what you call passive smoking.

So that’s 59% risk of non-allergic asthma if the father was a passive smoker in his childhood. But what if the father was a smoker? Well then the risk of non-allergic asthma in the child jumps to 72%. What you must note at this point is that I’m talking about exposure to smoke during the father’s childhood, meaning when he was 15 years or younger. In most cases the exposure is second-hand. The grandfather is smoking. So the father ends up passive smoking, and then his children suffer the consequences.

If it sounds complicated to you, I will explain it in simpler words. Basically the study says you can have non-allergic asthma because your grandfather was a smoker. You can also have non-allergic asthma when your father was a smoker. Think about that!

Have you noticed I have been talking about only a particular gender here about fathers and not mothers? Well, that is what else is very interesting about the study something I want to focus on. And finds that the transgenerational effect is applicable only to males, meaning a child will bear the consequences of the burden of his father smoking habits or his grandfather’s, not the grandmothers or the mothers. So does this mean women appear to smoke? Again? No way are we suggesting that!

Effects of smoking on the baby when the mother smokes

Women have their own unique pattern with smoking. The study that I was referring to was published in the European respiratory journal. According to CDC;

  1. Mothers who smoke are more likely to deliver their babies early basically what we call a preterm delivery. It is often linked to disability even the death of a newborn.
  2. Mothers who are exposed to secondhand smoking when pregnant are most likely to have low birth weight babies. And what about mothers who smoke during pregnancy in such cases, the babies have 20% chance of a low birth weight. And it gets worse.
  3. Studies show that babies are more likely to die from SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome if the mother smokes directly or passively during her pregnancy.
  4. These babies are also more likely to have weaker lungs.

What does this tell you? Your smoking habits may not affect you but it will take a toll on your next generation. This is regardless of what your gender is. And if you are a male the price is passed on to the grandchildren. So this essentially is a transgenerational threat. I would even say smoking is an epidemic passing to next generations.

Tobacco kills more than 8 million people every year. 7 million of these deaths are because of direct tobacco consumption after the rest because of secondhand tobacco consumption. So if you also smoke, and if you’ve asked yourself this question, what really is the big deal about smoking? Well, you should now have your answer. Stop smoking! If not for your sake, at least for the sake of your family.