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Skincare Tips Expectations vs reality

Who doesn’t love soft glowing skin? Everyone wants to look best. We live in the age of information, and now taking care of our skin is given more importance. With the ease of technology and easy access to products, there are thousands of products available which provide us with care. Also, with the help of various skincare ingredients and regimens following the skincare, tips have gotten convenient and straightforward.

Everything has its pros and cons with hundreds of skincare tips and products taking care of beauty as become more comfortable, but not all products and trips are worth to give a try. There are chances that you might get severe damages instead of getting more beautiful.

Unfortunately, everything found on the website is not entirely right. And these hoaxes sometimes develop unrealistic expectations in our mind. Here are some typical expectations about skincare along with a peek into its reality.

Whitening skincare tips turn your tone lighter:

All over the world, particularly in Asian countries, women want to get a lighter skin tone – and to achieve the target, they set different tips and products. Few of them acquire it too – the expectations from these tips and products are:

They will make your tone lighter instantly.

The tone will remain light even if you leave these products and tips.


Reality is a bit different. First of all, the natural ingredient tips will take a constant long time application time to make the tone lighter.

Secondly, if you get your tone lighter, you may need constant to apply. Once you leave it, the complexion will soon be the same.

Thirdly, not all whitening products are safe. There are many products which may damage your skin cells, and for the worst few of them will lead to skin cancer.

Natural ingredients for skincare are safe:

Oh yeah, they are but not 100% and not for everyone.  Many people are fond of homemade skincare products because they are safe. They expect it is safe and provide instant results, and there are no side effects of using them.


Remember every skin type is different and not all-natural products suits to your skin. Your skin can react adversely too many of them. For instance, many natural products used in homemade skincare tips are aloe vera, turmeric, honey, milk, etc.  Many people are allergic to these products. You may not even know this until you try them. There are many skin care products available in markets which are quite helpful for the skin and it contains synthesized natural ingredients which might not harm your skin. People with sensitive skin can use those items instead of applying natural product itself.

For example, Vitamin C serum will give you the same result as lemon juice. But applying it directly on your face might cause irritation and burns.

Secondly, before applying any product, check your skin type. Lemon juice might cause acne on dry skin.

Better skincare products give a better result:

Many people believe that a better product gives better results. And a better product is a product which provides instant results.

Expectations are high, but the reality is a bit opposite.


Sometimes instant result provider is not long-lasting result generators. There are many moisturizers which might provide you with the desired soft and smooth skin, but after 3 or 4 weeks you may feel your skin getting excessively hydrated or small spots on face. Before making sure the product is right to give it 2 to 3 weeks, the actual effect will appear at least after 15 days.

More the merrier:

Now many people think to apply every tip they found useful and buy many products at once. They expect that more products mean more glowing skin and more beautiful they might look. Reality is different.


A multi-step skincare application is practical sometimes – laying up your skin with so many products at one time is not an excellent idea. Sometimes the active ingredients in every item cause an active break out and reaction. The reaction can be disastrous and cause severe skin issues. It is better to stick with one active tip or product for your skin layering with many things can lead to unwanted damages.

A skincare product for all:

People are often seen sharing their experience with a particular product. They tell others how good it is and how effective it is – and you may expect that it will work for you.


We all are different, so are our skins. Not every product that worked on your friend skin will work on yours. If you are eager to use, apply as a tester on your arms and make sure, you don’t get any side effects.

Let’s wrap it up:

There is only one tip which will help you in the long term. Understand your skin, read the labels and components of products then use it. Keep Glowing and Stay Pretty!

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