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Skincare for women with oily skin- Morning routine

Oily skin is indeed a blessing. But everything has side effect, so does our skin. Where it glows and reflects the real charm in winter, the skin is prone to have acne, dark spots, pigmentation, etc. Hence, skincare for women plays an essential role.

In this article we are focusing on proven skincare for women, especially those with oily skin. Oily skin gets greasy and can get rough in texture which tends to have very large and visible pores. Many people experience a slight increase in sebum production in the summers. Whether you have oily skin or it is the weather that has changed your skin, having the right skincare products can help maintain the oily skin and improve its overall health.

Morning Skincare for women Routine


Unlike dry skin, oily skin cannot go without cleansing in the morning because the dirt, excess oils, and impurities gets build up on your skin at night and can clog your pores, if not removed.

Start your morning routine with a mild water-based cleanser to start your day with a fresh feel. Starting with a clean face allows skincare products to work better.


Oily skin is prone to building up dead skin cells, blackheads, and clogged pores. Other than that, environmental damage might cause the surface of your skin to become dull, rough, uneven, and worsen the appearance of fine lines. To prevent clogged pores and rough skin, it’s essential that you exfoliate your skin regularly once for 2-3 weeks with a gentle exfoliant. Chemical exfoliants such as AHAs and BHA are a great way to boost cell turnover and help lighten the dark spots by adding radiance to dull skin. Physical exfoliants help to refine skin texture.


Toners are for oily skin do the same thing as toners used for dry skin. It prepares your skin for the next steps of your skincare routine and makes your skin to absorb more active ingredients from the products that you apply on your skin later. A good toner for oily skin will deal with oiliness and shine without drying the skin. Look for a toner that refines your skin’s texture and lessens your pores, at the same time it maintains the moisture and balances your skin.

Targeted Treatments like Serums/Essences/Ampoules

Use this tip to tackle whatever skin you have in a targeted way. If you feel that your skin needs hydration then use a hydrating treatment. If you want to tackle fine lines then use an anti-aging treatment.

However, if you want to brighten up your skin then use a brightening treatment. It is recommended that you stick to more watery and lightweight treatments that absorb easily for oily skin.

Moisturizer and Eye Cream

Seal in all the nutrient you just apply to your skin with a light moisturizer and stick to emulsions or gel moisturizes because richer creams will most likely clog your pores and make your skin shinier. If you have sensitive or irritated skin then look out for moisturizers having calm and relax properties to alleviate irritations.

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Furthermore, look out for a lightweight eye cream to maintain delicate under eyes moisturized and protected. Help yourself delay the signs of aging and enjoy the beautiful, fresh, and glowing skin.

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