shut down in taiwan for chinese invasion

Shut down in Taiwan for Chinese invasion

Shut down in Taiwan for Chinese invasion!

As Taiwan intensifies preparations for the possibility of a Chinese invasion, roads were closed and residents were told to stay indoors on Monday during an air-raid drill. At 0530 GMT, sirens sounded for the required street evacuation drills, effectively closing down towns and cities in northern Taiwan for 30 minutes.

Police in Taipel instructed drivers to pull over to the side of the road. They also advised onlookers to seek cover. To avoid becoming a target in the case of a nighttime attack, stores and eateries locked their doors and turned out the lights.

The all-clear signal was given by sirens thirty minutes later. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has reignited debate in Taiwan about how to respond effectively in the case of an attack. Chinese military exercises around the island have also intensified. China claims the democratically ruled Taiwan as its own territory.