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Secret benefits of skin serum for every woman

It was a time when people rely upon skin lotions and moisturizers for skincare. But, now the trend has changed, and people quickly evolve towards the level of advancement. Skin serums have become the best choice, especially for women, when it comes to skincare. You can prevail over a lot of secret benefits while using the skin serum as your first choice. Don’t you want to be beautiful with an enchanting personality? Your answer will be yes for sure. So, you don’t need to worry at all. If you have not added the skin serum to your favorite list, do it today. 

Here, we are going to share some amazing facts about skin serum. Stay in touch with us till the end of this article. You will come across useful knowledge about skin serum, including its benefits, types, using the methodology, and many more. So, let us dive deeply into our main topic.

What is a skin serum?

The serum is a less viscous skincare product containing a large number of active ingredients. These ingredients may include vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, and antioxidants. These active compounds permeate the skin and greatly optimize the fitness of your skin. They might be jelly or clear liquids like water. 

 A higher concentration of active ingredients speeds up the process, and you observe the evident results promptly. Serums are thin than moisturizers. They are much better than heavier creams as they perform hydration efficiently by penetrating deeply into the skin. On the other hand layer of heavier creams stay at the top layer of your skin without spilling its components into the skin’s depth.

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Women are extremely conscious about their beauty. They go for every option that boosts up their natural beauty. Skin serum is one of them. Here, we will briefly discuss skin serum’s advantages that make it a fantastic choice for every girl. 

  • You cannot devoid of the harmful impacts of sunlight’s ultraviolet radiations. In such circumstances, skin serum protects you from the damage of UV radiations and other harmful radiations coming from the Sun. These radiations may cause a skin burn or skin cancer by mutation. Besides, premature skin aging and wrinkles may occur due to free radicals. Skin serum tackles all these questions by utilizing ingredients like ferulic acid, green tea, vitamin E, and vitamin C. 
  •  No one wants to be aged. But it is a bitter truth that you can not stop the process of aging. However, you can slow it down by adapting various skincare tips. Serum reverses the process of aging. You look younger and fresh after using the skin serum. 
  • Your skin absorbs serum more instantly than a moisturizer or any night cream as it is composed of light and thin particles. There is no skincare product if it only gives a touch to your skin without playing any internal role. 
  • Many of you may have the issue of oiliness and outbreaks. Don’t need to worry at all. Soothing and nourishment of skin is another privilege that you can avail yourself of from the serum. It covers up the patches of skin and reduces sensitivity.
  •  Its results are more visible and evident than other products. You can easily analyze its obvious results by looking at the impressive transformation of your skin. 
  • It’s not like putting a heavy burden on your skin. In fact, you feel relax and light while applying any serum to your skin. Its ingredients are quickly taken up by the intracellular components, which fade its appearance at the skin’s superficial part.
  • An important compound called retinol is present in the skin serum. It refines the fine lines and wrinkles. Moreover, refreshments of faded skin add importance to the positive aspects of skin serum. If you have a highlighted dark circles, you can also use skin serum to remove them. 
  •  Vitamin C and collagen present in serum are mainly liable for refining the texture of your face. It diminishes the pimples, scars, blotches, spots, and other marks in a friendly way without causing any damage to your skin. 
  •  Open pores may result in blackheads and whiteheads. You may get rid of this trouble by using the serum as it fills up the open pores and presses blackheads’ progress. Likewise, you will able to reduce redness and dryness. Hydrated and fresh skin will embellish your glamour. 

Main ingredients:

Ingredients vary from serum to serum. They range from common to more specific compounds depending upon your requirement. Here, we will discuss few main ingredients of skin serum: 

  • Vitamin C is the most important ingredient for anti-aging. If you are growing older, use the serum comprising vitamin C. It plays a defensive role by providing immunity. The active building of collagen is also provided by vitamin C.
  • Retinol is outstanding for the skin suffering from acne problems.  
  • Hyaluronic acid is best for dehydrated skin as it involves preserving the natural water level. Ceramides and amino acids also work for the same result.
  •  Beta carotene and green tea serve as antioxidants. They are crucial for ensuring skin from stress and environmental devastation. 
  • Glycolic acid minimizes the dark spots on your skin. It deals with hyperpigmentation and recedes the process of discoloration.
  • Lactic acid finishes roughness and improves the texture of skin.
What are different types of skin serums?

Depending upon their specific function, we categorize them into the following types:

  1. skin-brightening serums contain the ingredients that slow down the emission of malonic acid. Malonic acid results in the pigmented skin with a darker tone. Few compounds like kojic acid ferulic acid, lactic acid, and glycolic acid improve skin complexion.
  2.  Hydrating serums incorporate hyaluronic acid. They unite water molecules existing in your skin. Vitamin B is an important component of hydrating serums that gives a touchy look by providing smoothness and hydration. If you want to look youthful and fresh, make hydrating serums your preference. 
  3.  Acne and sensitive skin serums mainly include salicylic acid and niacinamide. They are usually preferred when you encounter problems like the sensitivity of skin, acne, and irritation. 
  4.  Anti-aging serums foster the generation of collagen and novelty of aged skin. Retinol and bakuchiol are the two main ingredients of these types of serums.
  5. Free radical-fighting serums ensure your skin’s health by battling against the free radicals present in the environment. They include molecules like Vitamin A, C, E, and resveratrol.
How to apply skin serum?

First of all, clean your skin with any cleanser. It leaches out dirt, extra oil, and certain other contaminants from your skin. Now, your skin is all right to apply a thin layer of serum. Put a reasonable amount of serum on your skin and massage it gently till it fully soaks up into your skin. The last and final step is the application of the best-suited moisturizer. Moisturizers facilitate the underlying serum to give more efficient results.

You should follow this pattern daily to get its maximum possible privileges. There are few serums like anti-aging serums that work better at night. On the other hand, anti-pigmentation serums are applied in the morning. Similarly, hydrating serums can apply twice a day to adorn your skin with freshness. 

Serums according to the skin type:

If you have dry skin, then go for the serum that mainly contains vitamin E. Moreover, it should also include hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, and niacinamide. All these molecules serve in conserving moisture, staving off oxidative damage, enhancing skin elasticity, and lightening the process of discoloration. 

Secondly, go for skin serum comprising vitamin C if you are acne-prone. Inflammation is the main concern while you deal with acne-rich skin. So, compounds like retinol, salicylic acid, zinc, and vitamin C curtail the process of inflammation. They minimize irritation and enrich the skin repairing operation. When looking for vitamin C serum, we can recommend either TruSkin natural vitamin c serum or TruSkin naturals vitamin c-plus super serum.-

Now, what if you have dull and wilted skin? In such cases, choose the skin serum, mainly providing the antioxidants. Antioxidants protect you from the adverse effects of free radicals. They yield up the process of healing. You can neutralize the active compound’s irritating impact by applying it with another product like a cleanser that purifies your skin.


We have quoted all the basic features of skin serums. Now, whether you should go for it or not, that’s all up to you. Be careful while selecting any skin serum. It’s better to consult any dermatologist if you are fearful of allergic reactions. Use it in the correct order, and also avoid the usage of excess makeup because it may cause severe reactions with underlying serum. If you are suffering from eczema or rosacea, don’t use skin serums. In such circumstances, the serum can undermine the skin barrier instead of protecting it from harmful effects.  Moreover, You can not deny the usefulness of skin serum as well. Add skin serum to your daily skincare routine. It’s your right to furnish your skin with uniqueness and glossiness. Make a genuine choice and adopt a better way of living a happy and healthy life.