Russia withdraws from Snake Island

Russia withdraws from Snake Island

Russia withdraws from Snake Island, Russia’s defense ministry announced on Thursday.

In the early stages of the war with Ukraine, Russia seized the Black Sea near the port city of Odesa and used it as a staging area.   

The announcement of Russia’s withdrawal came when Ukrainian troops attacked Russian positions on the Snake Island.

Through this move, Russia revealed that it is not intervening in the way of U.N. efforts to make a safe passage for exporting grain products from Ukraine.

Russia described its move as a goodwill gesture.

The region’s Russian top official said a ship carrying 7,000 metric tons of grain had left Ukraine.

This ship has departed from Berdyansk commercial port.

“No Russian army is left behind on the Snake Island”, Andriy Yermak the head of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s office said.

He also said our troops performed a remarkable job and as a result, Russia withdraws from Snake Island.

Britain also announced another aid for Ukraine amounting to $1 billion.

It is told by the office of Prime Minister Boris Johnson that this money will be used for air defense systems, important equipment, and uncrewed aerial vehicles for the Ukrainian army.

The Prime Minister’s office also told it is the basic step that will enable Ukraine to defend against illegal Russian invasion. Ukraine’s sovereignty can be restored against offensive attacks from Russian ground forces.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called Britain a true friend and a strategic partner. He also said he is grateful to Britain for the assistance that Britain has provided for security.

Zelensky said through a tweet that “We admire the consistent support from the leadership for countering Russian offensive attacks”.