Russia shells more than 40 towns in Donbas push-Ukraine

40 towns in Ukraine’s Donbas region are facing offensive attacks as Russia is doing heavy shelling. It is told by Ukraine’s army that Russia wants to close the last route as well that is used for civilians escaping from these attacks. 

As it is clear now that Russia has got failed to control the capital of Kyiv and Kharkiv. Moscow claims that Russia is now planning to take over the Donbas region.

To defeat the Ukrainian army in Sievierodonetsk and its twin Lysychansk, Russia is attacking from three sides with thousands of troops. If Ukraine’s army gets fails to resist then the Russia will take over the whole province which is the main aim of the Kremlin war.

Ukraine’s armed forces said on Facebook, that due to heavy shelling from the Russian Army 47 civilian sites have been destroyed in Donetsk and Luhansk. These 47 sites include one school and 38 homes well. 12 persons got injured and 5 died.

In this statement, it was also mentioned that Ukraine’s Army resisted 10 offensive attacks in which 4 drones and 4 tanks were destroyed along with the killing of 62 Russian troops.

According to the Volodymyr Zelensky, the Russian army is strongly exceeding in some of the eastern parts.

Now Moscow is trying to strengthen its grip on the territory that has been seized. Putin has passed an ordinance that clarifies the process of getting Russian citizenship and passports for the residents.

Russia also removed the limits of upper age for the contractual military servicemen. This action highlights the need to restore the lost troops.

Zelensky responded to the change in the recruitment policy from Russia, “Russia is out of young troops but still wants to fight more”.

On the other hand, Zelensky pointed out that the end of this war is only possible with direct talks between Putin and him.

Russia claims that its operation on Ukraine is for protecting Ukraine from fascists. On the other hand, the western world and Ukraine say that this allegation has no base and there is no sense of these offensive attacks.