Russia behind oil smuggling

US finds Russia behind oil smuggling

According to US treasury, Russian government is behind the Iranian oil smuggling and money laundering network.

US has imposed sanctions on the international network after knowing Russia behind oil smuggling network.   

Oil smuggling and money laundering network has facilitated million dollars worth Iranian oil for the Quds force and Hezbollah (Iran-backed Lebanese group).

According to the statement provided, one of the Quds Force official, Behnam Shahriyari led the network and is backed by senior levels of Russian Federation government and state-run economic organs.

In the meantime, Washington appears to be engaged in efforts to revive the Iran nuclear deal. They won’t hesitate to target those with international financial system access and also those who offer critical lifeline of the financial support. The sanction on Iran’s illicit oil trade will continue with strict enforcement. So anyone purchasing will have to face the prospect!