Romanian drivers protest over higher fuel prices

Romanian Drivers Protest over Higher Fuel Prices

Drivers blocked various gas stations at the start of this week.

A lot of drivers in Romania who got frustrated due to the rise in fuel prices have blocked several gas stations as a protest.

This protest was done by the drivers in order to pressurize the government because fuel prices in Romania have increased by 80% this year. Now the current fuel prices have reached RON 9.2 per liter equals EUR 1.85 per liter.

There were also hundreds of people who wanted to fill fuel tanks due to ongoing protests by drivers. They had to wait for a long to get their fuel tanks filled.

Due to this protest, representatives of the fuel stations got fed up and called the police in order to scatter protestors. But, the police found that protesters are not breaching any law that’s why they couldn’t force them.

Bogdan Chiritoiu-Competition Council Head said at the conference regarding the emerging economic challenges, we cannot say these protests are unjustified. Every person or consumer has a right to buy or refuse at higher prices.

He also mentioned the reasons for higher fuel prices in Romania. He notified that during the pandemic of COVID-19 when oil was trading at 20 USD per barrel, it was available at RON 5 per liter in Romania. But now oil is trading at 120 USD per barrel and due to this fuel prices reached RON 9 per liter in Romania and there is no indication of prices coming down.

He also cleared that we are not increasing fuel prices above the EU average. Last time upon checking it was 5% below from EU average.

Chiritoiu also that prices of fuels and other essentials in Romania are decided by Russia Ukraine war.