Putin Said Russia can supply 50m tons of grain to the world 

Putin Said Russia can supply 50m tons of grain to the world 

President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that Russia will be self-sufficient to supply 50m tons of grain to the international markets in the current year.

Putin said during a meeting of BRICS Plus format via video conference from Moscow that the deliveries of grains will be based upon the situation with insurance of vessels, transporting food, bank payments, and other restrictions.

The BRICS bloc was formed in 2006 including India, Brazil, Russia, China, and South Africa. The purpose of this bloc was to coordinate trade and economic policies.

Putin further added that attempts to contain the development of some countries, the use of illegitimate sanctions, and the COVID-19 pandemic led to the crisis in the global economy.

Rising food and fuel prices have severely damaged many countries, especially in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East region, he added.

Putin Blames G-7 for Current Inflation 

According to Putin, ongoing current inflation is a result of the long-term irresponsible policy of the countries included in the G-7 group.

Putin stressed once again that the strong increase in inflation did not occur yesterday. Actually, it was the result of irresponsible macroeconomics policies of G-7 countries for many years, uncontrolled emissions, and the accumulation of unsecured debts.

Putin also added that these processes got faster with the onset of the pandemic when demand and supply of goods and services decreased sharply on a global scale.

Putin denounced the west for being cynical, showing that the West took unstable steps in the food market, making a fuss about transporting Ukraine’s grain, which would not thwart the threat of a global food crisis.

“Russia does not stop the export of Ukrainian grain of the territory of this country and agrees to the free passage of grain ships in international waters,” he said.

Putin said Moscow came to an understanding about this problem with UN representatives; the only thing that fails in the export organization is Kyiv’s cooperation.

Putin blames Western sanctions for the global food shortage because tons of Ukrainian grains are stuck due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. The western sanctions are the real cause of global food shortage and price hikes.

Putin promised that Russia a responsible participant in the global food market. We are ready to fulfill all our contractual obligations for the supply of fertilizers, energy carriers, agricultural products, and other critical products as well.

Putin also said, most serious global issues can be resolved through honest collective cooperation and the BRICS Plus meeting is an example of such interaction.

The presidents of Algeria, Argentina, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Malaysia, Senegal, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Fiji, and Ethiopia also joined the BRICS meeting along with the leaders of BRICS countries.