Putin on the way to protecting Russian IT

Putin on the way to protecting Russian IT security from cyber-attacks

Putin on the way to protecting Russian IT!

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his concerns over the increasing cyber-attacks by the foreign state structures. To overcome this issue, Russia has to minimize the use of foreign hardware and software that will strengthen its cyber defense.

There have been several hacking attempts on the websites of news and state-owned companies. It all started happening on February 24 when Russian troops were sent to the Ukraine.

Putin added, “These cyber-attacks are targeted to paralyze the Russian internet resources”. Through these attacks, Russia’s critical information infrastructure would be at high risk.

He also added that the official websites of government agencies have faced severe attacks. The frequency of attacks on the corporate networks of leading Russian companies is also increasing.

During a security council meeting, Putin emphasized the enhancement of Russian information security. The steps must be taken to protect key sectors and change the use of foreign technology to local.

Moscow has already tried to secure its national internet infrastructure even deactivating the global internet while testing last summer.

No matter, the extraordinary Western barrage of sanctions is taken into account in Moscow’s military campaign in Ukraine. It will enhance the demand for making Russian IT systems more strong.