Proven skincare routine for the brides to be

Ever thought of your wedding day? What clicks our minds’ first is our overall look. Obviously, as a woman, I can understand the importance of our beautiful appearance. Unless you are blessed with beautiful skin, the wedding day glow demand efforts to be made. To any wedding makeup artist, your skin is more like a canvas. But with your busy work schedule, skincare routine may often become the least of priorities, leaving you with acne, breakouts, wrinkles, and a host of other skin problems. Thereby, enhancing the importance of proven skincare routine for the brides to be.  

So is it just the final month and you missed taking care of your skin? Fear not, this article got you boo! We’ve done all the research to present to you the ultimate bridal skin care list. It comes with tried and tested beauty tips that are easy to follow and will help you look and feel simply amazing for your big Wedding Day!

7 steps to proven skincare routine for the brides to be

It’s the time to…diet!

Want naturally glowing skin on your Wedding Day? Watch out for what you put on your plate. Eat more color fresh vegetables, fruits, snack on healthy nuts, green tea, etc. Most importantly, cut down on artificial sugar, dairy, and alcohol. Don’t worry! Cheat meals are always allowed and the payoff is worth it.

Drink plenty of Water

If only we had a dollar for every time, someone credited water as the secret to the radiant skin. Brides to be must drink 2-3 liters of water daily. It helps flush out toxins, clears acne, and keeps your skin hydrated.

Moreover, it reduces wrinkles and a fine line which helps you lose weight. It is basically an elixir that gives you a perfect skin.

Manage your sleeping hours

We know that you constantly meet deadlines, chase targets, and climb up to corporate ladder: however, we must also remind you to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Stress and lack of sleep leads to puffy eyes, dehydration, and patchy skin.

I scream, you scream for sunscreen

As a busy bride-to-be, you’ve to face the sun every day. Sun exposure causes tan lines, wrinkles, and premature aging. Hence, we want you to make sure that you don’t forget to apply sunscreen that’s suited for your skin whenever you step out.

Which Sunscreen is best for you?

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You need to move

Do cardio, lift some weights, practice yoga, and get your blood pumping; your skin will thank you for that. Exercise reduces stress and removes out toxins and gives your skin a natural radiance. If you don’t believe then have a look at Meghan Markle, Anushka Sharma, and other celebrity brides with flawless skin who have a fit and active lifestyle.

CTM- cleanse- tone- Moisturize

As a part of your proven skincare routine for the brides to be, it is a must to add up CTM. It is referred to as cleanse with exfoliating, toning, and moisturizing to leave your skin clean, healthy, and beautiful. Always consider your skin type and choose the best bridal skin care products accordingly.

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Face mask & hustle!”

Natural is nurturing when it comes to advanced skin care routine! Soak the goodness of nature in the form of all natural organic face masks and scrubs suited to your skin types.  These should be applied frequently and not as a last-minute option to get that stunning bridal glow.

Final verdict

There is no one who intends to appear not like a supermodel on their big day. As soon as the wedding bell rings, it pressurizes one to meet the deadline for making up their skin both healthy and glowing. Have something in your mind? Feel free to share with us in the comment section as below!

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