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Post Marriage Skincare Routine for a Glowing Skin

Wedding is a special and one of the memorable events for not only the bride but also for the groom. You plan a lot for your big day and try your best to make it an exciting one. Many brides start taking extra care of their skin months or weeks before their marriage. In the same way, a large number of people prefer natural and organic products to avoid any side effects on their big day. But, once the wedding bells are over, all the special skincare regime also comes to an end. Remember, do not ever leave your skin on its own. Your skin always needs the same attention and time after the wedding too, i.e if you are married, your post marriage skincare routine is also a must.

Post Marriage Mistake

There are many common mistakes that the new brides often do and that is what that later causes their skin to look dull, rough, and unhealthy.

Sleeping with your make-up on:

Post wedding, the couples are invited to many gatherings and dinners. The brides are the center of attraction obviously so they make sure they are looking their best and have a fine and elegant makeover. But, once the party is over and you are back home and tired, do not forget to remove your make-up. When sleeping with your make-up clogs, your pores and your skin does not breath properly. Hence, resulting in dull-looking skin.

Not using proper make-up removers:

Another common mistake new brides do is not removing their make-up with proper make-up removers. They wash their face and consider it clean. There are proper eye and face make-up removers that help remove every bit of make-up from your skin and so, your pores become nice and clean.

Using a lot of products on your skin:

Remember, the lesser the better. This may sound a little weird but it’s true. Using a lot of beauty products on your skin can also cause a breakout. You never know what two products can react together and cause harm to your skin.

Post Marriage Skincare Routine:

So, now the wedding is over and you have come back to normal life, you don’t want your healthy and glowing skin to end. Right? Let’s have a look at some post marriage skincare tips that you can follow to keep that glow forever!

  1. Drinking plenty of water: Water is equally essential for our skin as for our bodies. To keep your skin young and hydrated, drink plenty of water. On average, it is recommended to drink 10-12 glasses of liquid per day so that your body gets proper hydration.
  2. Use good moisturizers and cleansers: Buying high-end make up products is not enough. You also need to invest in some good cleansers and moisturizers. Remember, clean skin stays healthy for long. So, start taking care of your skin and make it your routine to cleanse and moisturize your skin daily before bed.
  3. Always use sunscreen: Post wedding is all about meet-ups and parties. Remember to use good sunscreen under your make-up whenever you are planning to go out during the day.
  4. Clean eating: Although this is quite impossible because of the post wedding gatherings, try to eat as clean as possible. Oily and spicy foods can affect your skin. Whenever you are home, eat fresh vegetables and fruits and avoid oily foods to help your skin look more glowing and healthy.
  5. Exfoliating your skin: Use a good scrub to exfoliate your skin on a weekly basis. You can go to the salon for this purpose or you can also opt to do it yourself at home. Use a light scrub that has very small granules that are not harsh on your skin. Gently exfoliate your skin to get rid of the dead skin cells and get nice and clean skin.
  6. Take proper sleep: Take a good 8 hours of sleep to avoid dark circles and puffiness around your eye area. Taking quality sleep helps your face look fresh and young.

Advanced Skincare:

Consult a good dermatologist before your wedding so that you can get proper guidance about advanced skincare products. If you know your skin type, you can also get the products on your own.

Some basic things that are a must in your daily routine include:

  • Cleanser
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen
  • Exfoliator
  • Make-up remover

Try buying products with minimum or no chemicals at all. This ensures that you may not get any side effect while using the product. Start using the products a couple of weeks before your wedding and follow the same routine later as well.

Winter Skincare

Winters are round the corner. So, if you are newly married or about to get married, below are some of the extra tips for you:

  • Get a good humidifier to maintain proper humidity in your room. This will help your skin look hydrated.
  • Moisturize your hands every now and then. Remember to keep a moisturizer in your bathroom and use it each time you wash your hands.
  • Limit bath time and do not use hot water. Use warm water as hot water pulls out all the natural moisture from your skin making it dry and patchy.
  • Continue using a sunscreen. Do not skip sunscreen when going out. This is a very common winter skincare mistake that every other girl does.

Learn more about winter skin care tips..

Proven Skincare:

Skincare products are mostly clinically tested and hence can be used without any worries. However, a lot of chemical can never do good to your skin. Before buying any product, know your skin type and issues and buy the products accordingly.

Add a good cleanser and moisturizer to your daily skincare routine. Take care of your skin the way you take care of your health. Remember, all products are good, you only need to figure out what is meant for your skin type.

Care and Beauty:

Beauty lies in how well you take care of your skin. Follow our suggested tips and skincare basics to get a flawless skin. We hope that you will not be worried about your post marriage skincare routine anymore!

Start taking care of your skin from today. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and ensure a good skincare routine so that your skin looks young, glowing, and healthy forever. Take care of your skin and it will thank you later.

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