Pakistan's cotton production is expected to fall more than 40% this year

Pakistan’s Cotton Production is Expected to Fall More Than 40% This Year

Pakistan’s cotton production is expected to fall by more than 40% this year, the high-ranking Federal Agriculture Committee (FCA) said Thursday.

The Rabi Season Committee meeting (2022-23), chaired by the Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research, Tariq Bashir Cheema, informed that cotton production for 2022-23 is estimated at 6.3 million bales with an area of ​​2.1 million hectares is estimated to decrease by 43.08 percent compared to the previous year.

In his opening remarks, the minister shared that Pakistan went through with heavy rainy season from July to August and these heavy rains and floods have caused great damage to the agricultural sector.

He said all crops, especially in Sindh and Baluchistan, were badly damaged. As a result, the prices of all basic commodities increased significantly.

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In response to these conditions, the Ministry in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade has taken steps to immediately facilitate the import of basic needs and maintain supplies to consumers at reasonable prices. He informed me that this situation also affects the production of Kharif’s 2022-23 crop.

The committee reviewed the performance of the Kharif crops (2022-23) and the production plan for the Rabi crops (2022-23). The input situation for Rabi crops (2022-23) is also discussed.

Pakistan’s Sugarcane Production

The Committee was notified that sugarcane production for 2022-23 is estimated at 81.64 million tonnes from 1.32 million hectares, an increase of 12.44 percent and 6.23 percent respectively in area and production above the goals set by the FCA.

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Pakistan’s Rice Production

Rice production in 2022-23 is estimated at 5.53 million tons on an area of ​​2.99 million hectares, indicating a decrease in area and production of 2.4 percent and 34.51 percent respectively from the target. Corn production for 2022-23 is estimated at 9.24 million tonnes over 1.61 million hectares.

Pakistan’s cotton production is expected to fall more than 40% this year