North Korean Missiles testing after Biden’s trip

North Korean three missiles testing.

South Korean military has confirmed that there were three missiles triggered on Wednesday morning. It has also been confirmed by the Seoul capital of South Korea that these three missiles were fired within an hour from the Sunan area in Pyongyang.

It happened the very next day as President Joe Biden left the region. During his trip, he committed to taking measures to discourage North Korea.

It is not the first time, North Korea has been testing its missiles since the beginning of 2022,

Japan also confirmed two missiles that were fired on Wednesday but also realizes that number of fired missiles is more than two.

Nobuo Kishi Japan’s Defense Minister told the first missile flew about 300km with an altitude of 550km. The second missile went high about 50km and completed a distance of 750km approximately.

Nobuo Kishi was against these fired missiles and said we cannot accept that. It will threaten the security and solidity of Japan and the international community as well.  

After the launch of three missiles, it was termed a grave offense by the South Korean National Security Council.

The missile testing was expected during Biden’s visit as South Korean and American officials were notified earlier about this.

Joe Biden has already said that we are prepared for every action from North Korea. During his visit to South Korea, he also discussed increasing its military presence to stop North Korea from such type weapons testing.