North Korea refuses US offer for Vaccines

North Korea refuses the US offer for Vaccines

North Korea refuses the US offer for Vaccines!

The coun is in a situation of a fight with its first recognized epidemic but refuses the offer of American Covid vaccines, President Joe Biden said.

North Korea is under a countrywide lockdown due to the millions of people who have fallen ill from fever, told the country’s media.

This epidemic is understood as unsafe due to the limited testing and vaccine supply.

Biden announced the offer of vaccine supply in South Korea during a press conference.

He announced that this offer is not especially for North Korea but for China as well.

During his press conference with South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol, Biden said, North Korea has not responded to us regarding the vaccines.

North Korea a secluded jurisdiction has denied many vaccines offers such as from Covax, the global vaccine-sharing scheme, and South Korea as well. 

The reason for the offer’s rejection is due to the claim of North Korea. According to North Korea, we have sealed our borders and we are safe from this pandemic now. On the other hand, experts have a strong feeling that the virus is still there.

North Korean state media proposes the use of home remedies such as herbal tea, gargling with salt water, and taking ibuprofen as a pain killer.

If we talk about China’s Omicron variant, it’s already in trouble due to the infections from such an infective disease. Millions of people are still in a state of lockdown in China.

Donald Trump was the first American President to get access to North Korea after the memorable summit with Mr.Kim in Singapore in 2018. 

But Mr.Kim was asked was there any need for knotting ties with the US. American and South Korean presidents have also agreed to utilize American weapons if necessary to dissuade North Korea and increase military exercises – which had been reduced in recent years to reduce tensions.