North Korea mobilizes its military

North Korea mobilizes its military amid the Covid wave

North Korea mobilizes its military during the covid wave!

There is a severe wave of Coronavirus in North Korea. In order to trace the patients of this pandemic, the North Korean government has mobilized its military and more than 10,000 health workers to distribute Covid Vaccines.  

North Korea is an isolated country facing serious combat of Covid-19 that was confirmed last week. The government also expressed the shortage of vaccines and medical infrastructure as well.

It was reported by the state emergency epidemic prevention that 269,510 people were reported with fever. It sums the total number of fever patients to 1,483,060. On the other hand, 56 deaths were reported till last week.

Pyongyang is considered the hub of this pandemic in North Korea. Kim Jong-Un ordered the mobilization of a powerful force of the army’s medical representatives to properly distribute the medicines in the capital Pyongyang.  

Kim Jong-Un also orders strictly to handle the demand and supply of the medical supplies carefully.

The efforts of finding the infected people with fever have been boosted already. Health workers, teachers, and medical students are geared up to perform their duties to find people having fevers and treat them.

KCNA notifies that almost every sector is maintaining production and construction.

W.H.O has already warned that the situation in North Korea may get worst as there is no proper vaccination program. North Korea also declined help from America and China. A spokesperson said that we support the U.S efforts and other international health organizations who are very keen to end this pandemic in North Korea.